Jason Takes Mainstreet scavenger hunt is over

PIQUA – The hunt for “Jason’s Mask” “Jason Takes Mainstreet 3: GAME ON!” is over.

The mask was hidden in an outdoor public space somewhere within the city limits; not any Piqua schools, including Edison Community College and Upper Valley Career Center.

A clue was announced each day until the mask is found. The clues were announced on Miami County Morning’s with Clint Myers on Classic Hits WPTW 98.1/1570 and on a sponsor’s Facebook page daily. The winners will be announced in Thursday’s paper.

The clues were:

• Jason usually prefers the color red, but this year he likes blue, too.

• Even though the contest is called “Jason Takes Mainstreet…” you won’t find his mask by any planters.

• Jason would never return to the scene of one of his crimes.

• Jason may seem unshakable, but even he’s afraid to go near cemeteries.

• The weekend is upon us! Jason will probably spend it just hanging around.

• Best to grab some running shoes and/or a bicycle at this point.

“Sometimes the business owners (sponsors) go in to give away the clue themselves on air or sends someone from their business to give it away. It’s a lot of fun. They also get to plug their business and talk a little bit about what they have going on right now,” said Darrin Michael, event chairman.

The winner will receive a prize mostly composed of gift cards from the sponsors.

This was the third year for the scavenger hunt, Michael said, “The event has gone over great in the past and had been a lot of fun to put together. We know it’s quite a bit [of hunters] based on what we see driving around and the feedback we get on the various social media pages.”

According to Mainstreet’s event page, only three people knew the location of the mask.

Michael said, “Myself and the other two committee members, Graham Kindell and Nick Curtis, often get random texts once the contest starts from friends or family who are trying to catch us off guard and get us to slip up. It can be a bit daunting trying to keep where the mask is hidden under wraps from everyone.”

The scavenger hunt was created amid the COVID pandemic when Mainstreet Piqua had to adjust their events and programs to ensure the safety of the community members. Michael said he remembered when the Piqua Daily Call and IGA would hide a little wooden cabin and release clues to the cabin’s location. Michael’s friend and business partner, Graham Kindell, makes authentic Jason replica masks and makes one for the scavenger hunt.

“One really cool thing about this year’s contest is we have the winner of the previous two contests helping us. His name is Jacob Anderson, and he is a 12-year-old student from Piqua City Schools. Jacob loves the clue aspect of the contest and he and his dad (Randy) ended up finding it both years. … We asked Jacob if he wanted to be a part of the planning committee for it and he very graciously obliged. Jacob and Randy assisted us with the hiding spot and have been helping out with the clues as well,” said Michael.

Michael thanked all of the sponsors, Mainstreet Piqua, Clint Meyers and the WPTW team, and Brad Erwin for playing Jason in the movie trailer for the contest.

The list of sponsors, in order, can be found at www.mainstreetpiqua.com/2022/10/jason-returns-to-mainstreet-piqua-scavenger- hunt-rules-and-details/.