Kudos to Friends of the Piqua Library’s Christmas concert

To the editor:

Congratulations to the Friends of the Piqua Library. The Christmas concert held Sunday night in the beautiful ballroom was one of the most joyous Christmas programs I have ever been to. The yearly celebrations have all been special but to have an evening of all Piqua talent, and I mean talent, was an enormous treat.

God bless the Friends of the Library, the outstanding performers, the sponsors and anyone involved in the production. Anyone that was not in the Christmas mood they have to be now.

Jason Townsend, Crystal Gebhert, Adam and daughter Audrey, Brad and Christine Zimmerman, Sean Ford and last, but far from the least, the wonderful Jacomet Family Singers. Bless you all for sharing your God given talents with us. I pray you had as much pleasure as the entire audience did.

God bless all and may we all have a wonderful heartfelt Christmas and, God willing, a much brighter New Year for all the world.


Edna Stiefel