New start for No Name Athletics

PIQUA — No Name Athletics in Piqua opened their new location last week on Monday, Nov. 28. Haley and AJ Ouellette and Brandon Wirrig opened their first location in June of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and had outgrown their first location.

No Name Athletics is a sports performance training facility located at 819 S. Main St. in Piqua. The coaches at No Name Athletics work with athletes of all ages. The youngest athletes currently training with them are 6 years old, and the coaches work with various ages all the way up to D1 and D2 college athletes. They’ve even trained an 11-time track Junior Olympian, Jaiya Patillo.

Haley attributes a lot of the loyal athletes that were brought to No Name Athletics to Wirrig.

“I can say that probably every single kid that we have coming through these doors would like fight to the death for Brandon. They are so loyal to him, they love coach Brandon. He goes all over the county, all over the state watching their games, watching their events, going to signings. He’s great,” said Haley.

The groups also recently brought in a fourth coach, Alex Trotter, about a year ago. Trotter is a powerlifter and a former cheerleader at the University of Toledo. According to A.J. and Haley, being a former cheerleader has helped Trotter bond with and better help the young cheerleaders and female athletes that come to train at No Name Athletics.

“He (Trotter) has so seamlessly joined our staff. It’s those two who run this place when we’re out doing our other things. Those two (Wirrig and Trotter) are the absolute glue to this. I don’t think we could ever give them the credit they deserve,” said Haley.

The facility offers group training sessions, open weight room times for those athletes that have been training with the coaches, wrestling practices and open mat times and batting cages that the Piqua Braves uses during the colder seasons. The group training sessions typically include 30 minutes of speed and agility training like sprint, top end speed and acceleration mechanics. Following the speed and agility training, the groups move into the weight room to work through training programs that have been developed and tested in-house by the Ouellettes, Wirrig or Trotter. No Name Athletics does not purchase training programs to use with their athletes, the coaches develop and test their own programs based on the needs of the athletes they are working with.

No Name Athletics centers around free weights rather than weight machines often seen at commercial gyms. According to Haley, the facility uses free weights as opposed to machines because free weights help train athletes to self-stabilize and self-correct rather than being guided through a movement by a machine.

The coaches of No Name Athletics are still working on setting up and adding to their new location, but it has been open for training as of Nov. 28. According to Haley, they are hoping to add a partial gym floor and turf for athletes to train on the type of floor or terrain they would play on during practices and games. They also want to add a military grade treadmill and multiple running machines for athletes to use.

Along with the various training equipment, Haley hopes to add a small hang out/study area for athletes to come and use whenever that would include a TV, entertainment center, a video game console and plenty of study material from her time as a sports performance training student.