Piqua Public Library to host gardening series


PIQUA — The Piqua Public Library is hosting its second annual gardening series focused on native Ohio plants. April is Native Ohio Plant Month and every Saturday in April beginning at 2 p.m., a local expert will present a topic relating to native plants. Registration is not required, but requested.

• Saturday, April 4, from 2-3 p.m. — “Mulching with Native Plants” presented by Susan Saari

Learn about the smaller native plants and groundcovers that can be used as living mulch. Saari is an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist and passionate advocate of the natural world. She is the owner of GoNativesNow, a nursery devoted to the propagation and sale of southwest Ohio genotype native wildflowers, prairie plants, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Speaking frequently to groups on various native plant topics, she serves on the Miller Ecological Park Steering Committee in Lebanon, Ohio as secretary. She supports Miller Park and the Ohio Governor’s Heritage Gardens. She is a member of Lebanon Garden

Club and Garden Club of Ohio Dayton District Director.

• Saturday, April 11, 2-3 p.m. — “Lesser-Known Native Trees and Shrubs That Will Enhance Your Landscape” presented by Macy Reynolds

Native trees and shrubs have become the new trend for yards and parks. However, these species are not new but were here when settlers arrived and were quickly replaced with more familiar European species. Learn about some lesser-known beautiful and eco-beneficial native varieties that are once again available and make a wise choice for your landscape.

Reynolds is a retired teacher and Master Gardener in Greene County, Ohio. She has completed four Ohio MG State Certifications in weeds, trees, insects, and most recently, native bees. Her native plant gardens are on garden tours for the Midwest Native Plant Conference of which she was a founding member. She also leads the group of volunteers who manage the Yellow Springs Women’s Park that borders the Little Miami Bike Path.

• Saturday, April 18, 2-3 p.m. — “The Potential of Native Plant Agriculture” presented by Solomon Gamboa

Learn how returning native plants to cropland holds the largest benefit for biodiversity recovery, climate change mitigation and increasing food to prepare for an ever-growing population. The presentation will cover both backyard gardening and larger-scale agriculture.

Gamboa is an environmentally sustainable horticulturist and co-owner of Indigenous Landscapes. Gamboa and Austin Miller’s business is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Online they work to educate the public about ecology and what can be done to reverse biodiversity decline. Locally, Indigenous Landscapes holds native plant sales, removes invasive plants, creates native meadows, and installs native plant landscapes including native plant agriculture projects. Establishing Native Plant Agriculture in our agricultural system will be the primary career-long work of Indigenous Landscapes with the purposes of climate change mitigation, increased human food-production, and biodiversity recovery.

• Saturday, April 25, 2-3 p.m. — “Adding Buzz to Your Backyard!” presented by Ruth Bowell

Who are the pollinators and how can you support them in your backyard? Regardless of the size of your space, it’s easy and rewarding to garden AND benefit pollinators. Meet the pollinators and discover the elements of quality pollinator habitat that will have you bringing more life to your life.

Bowell is a Master Gardener and monarch butterfly citizen scientist who has a passion for native plants and the wildlife they support. She has certified her home backyard in Troy for wildlife, which supports butterflies, moths, pollinators, insects, birds, and many other native wildlife species.

Register online by visiting the Piqua Public Library’s Facebook page, or call (937) 773-6753.

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