Troy gymnasts take second at MLK meet

TROY — The Troy gymnastics team finished second to Centerville at the MLK meet Monday.

Centerville finished with a score of 137.35 and Troy had 131.15.

Troy had scores of 33.8, vault; 31.95, uneven bars; 31.9, balance beam and 33.5, floor exercise.

Kylee Snider led Troy with a fifth-place finish with an all-around total of 34.05.

She had scores of 8.95, vault; 8.55, uneven bars; 8.10, balance beam and 8.45, floor.

Kylie Buechter finished sixth with a score of 34.05.

She had scores of 8.8, vault; 8.65, uneven bars; 8.05, balance beam and 8.55, floor.

Ally Wolfe finished 15th with a score of 32.6.

She had scores of 8.0, vault; 7.70, uneven bars; 8.75, balance beam and 8.15 floor.

Amanda Pappas had a score of 30.45.

She had scores of 8.05, vault; 7.05, uneven bars; 7.0, balance beam and 8.35, floor.

Kenzie Rougier had a score of 28.75.

She had scores of 7.95, vault; 7.0, uneven bars; 6.40, balance beam and 7.40, floor.

Malela Bitemo had a score of 4.7 on the balance beam.

Miami East’s Keelie Miller finished 13th with a score of 32.75.

Miller had scores of 9.0, vault; 7.6, uneven bars, 7.6, balance beam and 8.55, floor.