2 new humane agents appointed in Miami County


TROY – Two new humane agents have been appointed with the Miami County Animal Shelter.

During their Aug. 25 meeting, the Miami County Commissioners approved the appointment of Animal Shelter Director Robert Craft and Abigail Daugherty as the new humane agents.

Humane agents are similar to dog wardens, but are able to “identify, investigate, enforce, and prevent animal cruelty and neglect,” according to Craft.

Craft and Daugherty had to undergo trainings to receive certification from the County Humane Society. Then, they had to be approved and appointed by the Probate Judge. They also completed the subject control techniques training and the Ohio peace officer training.

“Being a Humane agent means that we are not only doing everything we can to protect the safety and welfare of helpless animals, but also bringing those who commit such heinous acts to justice,” said Craft.

When asked about a database for offenders of animals, Craft said, “We are fortunate to have access to a database that tracks criminal activities such as animal abuse and neglect, negating the need to have a separate animal abuse registry.”

The Miami County Animal Shelter has free vaccine clinics for pets for diseases like parvo, distemper, and leptospirosis. Craft states, vaccinated pets “create a better environment for the animals in Miami County.”

The shelter also offers microchipping for companion animals for $30 per pet. They also offer free training classes to all Miami County residents and pets that have been adopted out of the shelter.

Then, Craft discussed the advantages of passing Senate Bill 164. Craft said the bill would do the following:

• End the practice of using the gas chamber as a means of euthanasia for companion animals;

• Designate those who commit the most (egregious) crimes against animals as a violent offender;

• Convicted offenders’ records would be non-expungable/sealable;

• Allow judges the discretion to incarcerate those convicted.

Craft recommends to call the animal shelter at 937-332-6919 during business hours or the non-emergency number at 937-339-6400 after hours if animal abuse or neglect is suspected.

“The Miami County Animal Shelter and local law enforcement investigate hundreds of reports of animal neglect and cruelty per year,” concluded Craft.

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