2021 Miami County Fair Open Beef Breeding Show results



Class 1 Junior Heifer Calf

Kaydence Connolly 1

Elizabeth Hagemeyer 2

Class 2 Summer Yearling Heifer

Allie Howell 1

Class 3 Spring Yearling Heifer

Allie Howell 1

Khloe Parcels 2

Class 4 Junior Yearling Heifer

Khloe Parcels

Class 5 Senior Yearling Heifer

Alaina Helsinger 1

Angus Champion: Allie Howell

Angus Reserve Champion: Allie Howell


Class 6 Junior Heifer Calf

Braden Zekas 1

Class 7 Summer Yearling Heifer

Braden Zekas 1

Charolais Champion: Braden Zekas

Charolais Reserve Champion: Braden Zekas


Class 8 Junior Heifer

Eli Gerlach 1

Mia Luciano 2

Katelynn Wallace 3

Katelynn Wallace 4

Katelynn Wallace 5

Colton Schroeder 6

Evan Maxson 7

Class 9 Summer Yearling Heifer

Allie Howell 1

Katelynn Wallace 2

Skylar Calvert 3

Khloe Parcels 4

Class 10 Spring Yearling Heifer

Katelynn Wallace 1

Tyler Morrow 2

Isaiah Marker 3

Crossbred Champion: Eli Gerlach

Crossbred Reserve Champion: Allie Howell


Class 11 Junior Heifer Calf

Durst Farms 1

Durst Farms 2

Class 12 Winter Heifer Calf

Logan Vulgamore 1

Morgan Vulgamore 2

Class 13 Senior Heifer Calf

Scott Hickey 1

Class 14 Summer Yearling Heifer

Durst Farms 1

Class 15 Spring Yearling Heifer

Scott Hickey 1

Class 16 Junior Yearling Heifer

Kinnalee Connolly 1

Class 17 Senior Yearling Heifer

Cameron Helsinger 1

Class 18 Cow and Calf

Durst Farms 1

Durst Farms 2

Hereford Champion: Scott Hickey

Hereford Reserve Champion: Scott Hickey


Class 19 Junior Heifer Calf

Eli Gerlach 1

Tessa Lyons 2

Bronsen Palivec 3

Class 20 Summer Yearling Heifer

Lee Morrow 1

Class 21 Spring Yearling Heifer

Josie Shane 1

Maintainer Champion: Josie Shane

Maintainer Reserve Champion: Eli Gerlach


Class 22 Spring Yearling Heifer

James Walsh 1

Class 23 Junior Yearling Heifer

Karley Prosser 1

Shorthorn Champion: James Walsh

Shorthorn Reserve Champion: Karley Prosser

Sim Solution

Class 24 Junior Heifer Calf

Kaydence Connolly 1

Class 25 Junior Yearling Heifer

Cora Moore 1

Allison Wolfe 2

Sim Solution Champion: Cora Moore

Sim Solution Reserve Champion: Kaydence Connolly


Class 26 Spring Yearling Heifer

Cooper E Palivec 1

Class 27 Junior Yearling Heifer

Jackson Shane 1

Class 28 Senior Yearling Heifer

Luke Jones 1

AOB Champion: Jackson Shane

Supreme Grand Champion: Herford- Scott Hickey

Reserve Supreme Grand Champion: Maintainer- Jackson Shane

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