2022 Miami County Born and Raised Market Lamb


Class First:

First: Eli Petry

Second: Collier Elifritz

Third: Olivia Hines

Fourth: Carson Freeman

Fifth: Gracelyn Cooper

Sixth: Shelby Petry

Seventh: Isaac Petry

Eighth: Haley Matheny

Ninth: Garrett L.W. Petry

First:0th: Evan Massie

Class Second:

First: Addison Fine

Second: Garrett Fine

Third: Ella Fine

Fourth: Collier Elifritz

Fifth: Keira Kirby

Sixth: Keira Kirby

Seventh: Isaac Petry

Eighth: Olivia Hines

Ninth: Olivia Hines

Class Third:

First: Carly Hollowell

Second: Jacob Roeth

Third: Lola McCarroll

Fourth: Brady Kadel

Fifth: Kyle Wright

Sixth: Kennedee Elifritz

Seventh: Haley Matheny

Eighth: Paisley McCarroll

Ninth: Emree Elifritz

First:0th: Braden Cooper

First:First:th: Evan Massie

Class Fourth:

First: Chloe Gump

Second: Trenton Maxson

Third: Olivia Prince

Fourth: Isaac Fine

Fifth: Jax Thokey

Sixth: Erika Shellabarger

Seventh: Keira Kirby

Eighth: Adelyn Robinson

Ninth: Jacqueline Kadel

First:0th: Brady Kadel

First:First:th: Gracelyn Cooper

Class Fifth:

First: Eli Gerlach

Second: Erika Shellaberger

Third: Kyle Wright

Fourth: Dylan Hollowell

Fifth: Jamie Maxson

Sixth: Ava Prince

Seventh: Abigail Kadel

Eighth: Gracelyn Cooper

Ninth: Carson Freeman

Class Sixth:

First: Olivia Prince

Second: Kinsley Courtright

Third: Eli Gerlach

Fourth: Kaci Manns

Fifth: Kendale Adams

Grand Champion Born and Raised Market Lamb

Eli Gerlach

Reserve Grand Champion Born and Raised Market Lamb

Chloe Gump

Third Overall

Erika Shellabarger

Fourth Overall

Carly Hollowell

Fifth Overall

Eli Petry

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