MIAMI COUNTY — Electronic scams, stealing money and compromising personal information, are on the rise around the county.

Denny Wannemacher, a Troy-based IT expert met with Miami County Law Enforcement chiefs during their monthly meeting last week.

Wannemacher delivered a presentation that highlights some of the more prevalent scams currently affecting computer users.

“Most of the scams,” said Wannemacher, “target the older population.” He went on to point out that, most often, senior citizens are the least computer savvy and most vulnerable to scams.

Keeping your passwords safe, written down, not in an electronic form, can do wonders in preventing unwanted access to your computer, and thus, your life.

Passwords that are easy to remember or figure out, potentially allow hackers to gain access to your computer, then your bank records, and other personal information.

Wannemacher warns computer users to never give information out over the phone just because someone tells you they are from an official, or government, agency.

“No state, city, court, county agency or police will ask you for personal information over the phone,” said Wannemacher.

Another current scam is a caller demanding that you purchase gift cards in order to settle a debt. “Don’t fall for it,” said Wannemacher.

Sheriff Dave Duchak said, “If you feel that something isn’t right, call Miami County 9-1-1 and report it.”

All of Miami County’s law enforcement agencies, along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and other state and federal agencies have joined forces in an effort to stop these illegal, and costly, scams.

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