A personal call for Joint Fire District Levy support


To the Editor:

Our former Joint Fire District Levy failed by 25 votes.

Fourteen hundred registered voters did not exercise their right to vote for or against the levy. Village residents whether you are for or against the new Fire District Levy and Bond Issue, it is your duty as a citizen in this free an sovereign country of the United States to exercise your vote.

I attended the Feb. 13 fire district meeting to learn more about the new building and fire equipment that the levy and bond issue, will enable our fire department and EMT squad to bring our antiquated fire department up to modern day standards

Only 16 concerned citizens attended the meeting. Where were all the yes voters fro the last levy. Fellow citizens, our fire department and EMT squad are the life blood of our community,and if you expect to continue to have a full service village owned fire department and EMT squad, it is imperative that all registered voters in our district get off the couch March 17 and express your vote for or against the Joint Fire District Levy and Bond Issue, if you have any concern for the fire safety and well being of our community.

We live in one of the best communities of Ohio. Let’s keep it that way and exercise your right to vote March 17, 2020.

— Mark Bradley

Pleasant Hill

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