A warning for America


According to an article written by Scott McKay, there are four phases to a Marxist takeover. These steps are a warning from the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov.

The first phase is revolutionary propaganda to demoralize the population. This step is designed to depress and make people believe civilization, as we know it, is lost. Marxism believes this will make people expect less and be happier with less. This thought pattern has made ordinary white people apologizing for sins committed by ancestors and confessing to being racist. This is referred to as destabilization of the common people.

The second phase involves the rapid decline of social structure including the economy, the military, and international relationships. The Democrats have demonstrated this by hamstringing the economy with threats of shutdowns despite the decline in deaths due to COVID-19. It is clear the virus is more a threat to Americans with serious underlying health problems, per the CDC.) Even with the three new vaccines being pushed as the magic bullet and the wearing of two masks, the CDC is again warning of new infections. The virus has been a perfect excuse for economic destabilization. Conspiracy theory? The Left has publicly announced its goals.

The third is using a crisis to build upon the first two steps. What crisis? Only the third time in American history has a president been impeached. A completely manufactured crisis with no evidence and accusations pulled from thin air. The COVID-19 is another manufactured crisis, not that the virus isn’t deadly for people with severe health problems, the emotional and economic destruction it has caused to the nation is unimaginable. The George Floyd riots and violence are part of the crisis along with the campaign to gut American history and culture. The speed at which this cultural collapse has occurred proves it was undeniably planned and used Floyds’ death as a catalyst.

The fourth phase is the new normal. Statues and monuments are gone. Schools are purging American history and our culture. Businesses are gone due to COVID-19 crisis. There is now a gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head, banned Dr. Seuss books, and Coke telling its employees to not act too white.

And Biden is president for now until someone uses the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. Then somebody, not elected by the American public, will take his place to rule over this nation.

The revolution is upon us. Pray to God it is not too late for America. Plan accordingly.

— Gary L. Cooper


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