An Easter awakening


To the editor:

The dark days of winter are past and our Spring thaw is upon us as begin to feel warmer temperatures, and the greening of our natural surroundings begin to burst forth, we know God’s loving gift of his life on earth is drawing near as he prepares for his last days during his time in the desert, in preparation for hi the end of his earthly life, and his return to his Father through his death on the cross, and resurrection from his Heavenly Father’s Home. After 3 days his return to through his love for his followers forgiveness of sins; was his all who accepted him, as their Lord and Savior, Jesus, Christ.

My first thought of Spring began with first floral, Blooms of our Lenten Rose showing their first blooms on Ash Wednesday, and continued blooming profusely during the 44 days of our Lenten Season in preparation for the end of his earthly life, and his eventual death on the cross, and his ascent into his Father’s Heavenly Home.

Easter, however one celebrates this special day, it is his gift that we exist today. With acceptance it Father God’s Love surrounds us each and every day. We must remember the gift of his earthly life, and his return to his Father in Heaven, has bestowed on each and every being to follow his plan and purpose for all as we fulfil his will and not our earthly will, enables an everlasting life in our Father’s everlasting home with our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Yours in Faith,

Mark Bradley

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