Animal shelter receives $274,320 donation


MIAMI COUNTY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners discussed a donation of approximately $274,320 left to the Miami County Animal Shelter from the estate of Marianna Warner during its meeting on Tuesday.

“We feel very blessed,” commissioner Greg Simmons said about the county receiving those funds.

The commissioners spoke with Miami County Auditor Matt Gearhardt and Miami County Treasurer Jim Stubbs about using those funds to set up an endowment fund for the animal shelter, allowing the county to collect interest off of the principal amount until the animal shelter needs to utilize those funds for a major project for the shelter.

“This should be a long-term investment for the animal shelter,” commissioner Ted Mercer said.

Gearhardt and Stubbs discussed setting up an endowment, noting the interest collected off of the funds would have to go into the county’s general fund.

Improvements are currently ongoing at the animal shelter thanks to a donation from the Robinson Fund. Dalton Concrete Construction, Inc. of Troy is currently constructing a structure to cover the fenced kennels and socialization area at a cost of approximately $33,000, which is being funded by the Robinson Fund.

Also on Tuesday, the commissioners authorized and signed a statement of work with Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS) to provide voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony services. This authorizes CBTS to assign project management and technical staff as need to prepare for and process all future orders placed through the Cooperative Purchasing Program for hosted dedicated cluster VoIP telephony services. There are no expenses related to this statement of work. The state of Ohio has a master services agreement with CBTS for VoIP telephony services and hardware for its Next Generation Telephony Service system and that system has the features and functionality Miami County desires to implement.


The commissioners sent a press release on Wednesday stating the donation of approximately $274,320 left to the Miami County Animal Shelter from the estate of Marianna Warner will be deposited into the county’s dog and kennel fund, which is a special revenue fund for the animal shelter only. By law, interest earned on this monetary donation must be paid into the general fund, but the interest earned on this gift amount will be tracked separately and transferred to the dog and kennel fund annually. For questions, call the commissioners’ office at (937) 440-5910.

By Sam Wildow

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