Anyone can order an appraisal


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

All of us often turn to professionals when we need critical services performed or important guidance offered. Of course, the buying and selling of property is one such example, and the selection of a real estate agent should be pursued carefully with research and referrals from trusted friends.

The same applies when choosing another professional who is crucial to the real estate transaction – the appraiser. But who orders the appraisal? Most often, it is the lender, who uses the report to confirm a property’s value before approving the financing. Sometimes, a seller may decide to order an appraisal on their current home. They may be contemplating refinancing their home or fighting the tax value leveled against the property in order to reduce their property taxes. Be sure to check with the court house to see when you can ask to have your home’s tax value re-evaluated. Your county may accept information from your real estate agent about comparable homes that have sold. They may be willing to use this information in your request for having your taxes re-evaluated.

If you hire an appraiser, be sure he or she is licensed and certified. Most state provide those qualifications through an appraisal board, and you can also refer to the Federal Appraisal Subcommittee’s website at, although only current — not past — disciplinary actions are listed their.

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