Apparent road rage incident leads to citations


PIQUA — An apparent incident involving road rage has led to minor misdemeanor charges against a pair of men in Piqua Tuesday morning, Nov. 29.

Employees of the Piqua McDonald’s Covington Avenue location called Miami County 9-1-1 just before 8 a.m. reporting a man with a gun and another with a knife in the restaurant’s parking lot.

All available Piqua Police units immediately responded to the call and dispatchers “locked down” a channel, allowing Piqua officers to communicate without interference.

Deputy Piqua Police Chief Marty Grove said the incident apparently began in the county, near Bradford when one driver apparently felt threatened by the driving/actions of another. Both vehicles continued east into Piqua where they both entered the McDonald’s parking lot. Grove said at some point during the drive to Piqua, the driver of the first vehicle observed the driver of the second vehicle holding something in his hand that could possible have been a knife.

At the McDonald’s, words were exchanged between the men. At one point the driver of the first vehicle returned to his vehicle and produced a handgun, After a short time, he returned the weapon to his vehicle.

Grove said that a third individual attempted to intervene and deescalated the situation. Once police arrived, both subjects were calmed down.

The men involved were identified as Aaron Kuhn, 52, of Bradford, and Richard Minor, 65, of Englewood. Both men were cited for disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor.

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