Board certifies primary results


MIAMI COUNTY — The March 17/April 28 Primary, which will go down in history as “one for the books,” is officially complete.

On Monday, the Miami County Board of Elections approved the official count of the Primary, with board member Audrey Gillespie abstaining from the vote. Gillespie, who attended the meeting by video, was unable to review the official numbers printed out and abstained.

The official canvas did not change the outcome of any race. The only race that may need additional review is the Second District Court of Appeals race between Chris Epley and Jeff Rezabek. The district court covers Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties. Champaign County will be the last to certify its votes and once that is complete the recount will be determined.

The total ballots cast in the primary was 18,626 votes or 25.71 percent of Miami County registered voters. Bruns said that number is similar to the 2012 Primary numbers for the county. Monday’s meeting included the 976 ballots that came in after April 28, but were postmarked by April 27 in order to count.

There will not be a special election in August in Miami County. Deputy Director Ian Ridgeway said he was happy to be done with the Primary, which lasted 145 from the date of filing.

With 12 years of experience with working on election boards, Director Laura Bruns said, “I hope to never have to do one (like this) again.”

Various board comments included Rob Long asking if any and all votes were indeed counted, to which Bruns affirmed. Long congratulated the staff for “a job well done” under “very difficult circumstances.”

Gillespie asked the staff to look into the county’s “cross-over party” votes. She said she had several people ask for that statistic.

Chairman of the board Dave Fisher said the staff and volunteers worked very well in “controlled chaos” and noted their collaboration and hard work that kept the board ahead of other county boards.

• Miami County Sheriff

Incumbent Sheriff Dave Duchak was challenged by Paul Reece for the Miami County Sheriff’s position. With the official vote, Duchak beat Reece with 58 percent, or 7,145 votes, to Reece’s 42 percent, or 5,235 votes.

• Troy City Schools

Troy City Schools was seeking a 37-year, 6.54-mill property tax, plus a 0.5-mills for state mandated maintenance levy, to raise $98.7 million to build four new schools on the March 17 ballot. The levy failed with 60 percent, or 3,879 votes, to 40 percent, or 2,601 votes against the levy.

• Commissioners

With Miami County Commissioner Jack Evans retiring from the Board of Miami County Commissioners, there will be a new face on the board next year.

There were three Republican candidates and one Democrat running for the full term seat on the board commencing Jan. 3, 2021. W. McGregor “Greg” Dixon, Jr., Wade H. Westfall, and Mark E. Williams. Westfall won with voters with 47 percent, to 5,640 votes. Dixon received 19.15 percent, or 2,252 votes, and Williams received 33.7 percent of the vote, or 4,011 votes.

Jack R. Bastian, a Democrat also running for the seat, ran unopposed during the Primary election and will face off with Westfall in the General Election in November.

Gregory Simmons, who currently sits on the Board of Miami County Commissioners, won against Joseph E. Gibson, for the full term seat on the board commencing Jan. 2, 2021. Simmons again won the seat with 56 percent, or 6,474 votes. Gibson received 43.84 percent, or 5,053 votes.

Ted S. Mercer, who currently sits on the board, ran unopposed for the unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2022.

• Piqua Street Levy

Piqua’s 10-year, 0.25 percent street levy renewal was renewed, with 71.55 percent, or 1,459 votes in favor of the levy. Those who voted against the levy included 580 votes, or 28.45 percent.

The 0.25 percent portion of the city’s income tax generates approximately $1.3 million per year for streets.

• Congress

Voters in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District took to the polls to determine which two candidates for Congress will represent the Republican and Democratic parties later this year.

Within the Republican party, Edward Meer of West Chester, ran against incumbent U.S. Rep Warren Davidson. Davidson won Miami County with 11,085 votes, or 92 percent. Meer received 8 percent of the votes, or 928 votes in the county.

For the Democratic party, Matt Guyette of Greenville, was up against Dr. Vanessa Enoch of West Chester. Enoch won the district vote. She earned 3,296 votes in Miami County. Guyette received 23 percent of the vote, or 1,003 votes in Miami County.

The winning candidates from the Primary election will go head-to-head during the general election on Nov. 3, the winner of which will serve a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

• Pleasant Hill Fire Department

The Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Joint Fire District asked residents to approve a tax levy for operating funds, as well as a bond issue for providing a new fire/EMS building, equipment, payment of employees, and emergency medical services.

The tax levy was approved by voters by 52 percent, or 526 votes. Those against were 48 percent, or 490 votes.

The bond issue was denied by voters by 54 percent, or 551 votes against to 46 percent, or 462 votes for it.

The following people won seats for the Republican Central Committee: Steven Bruns and Mary Beth Kemmer — Man and Woman delegates; GeriLynne Ryan, Frank DeBrosse, Gary Koenig, Mary Ellen Buechter, Thomas Kendall, Jeffrey Whidden, Arthur Haddad, Todd Severt, David Caldwell, William Lutz, Adam Fullenkamp, Bobby Phillips, Ted Mercer, James Livingston, William Rozell, Martha Baker, Michael Beamish, William Wolke, Jill Watkins, Mark Douglas, Brian Ault, Jamie Watkins, Katelyn Berbach, Joseph Gibson, Stephen Huffman, Mark Hensley, Stephen Wright, Richard Adams, Andrew Pratt, John Bosse, Ben Graham, S. Keith Adkins, Ken Colvin, Greg Simmons, Jan Mottinger, Glen Hollopeter, Lee Harmon, William Lance Ray, Shawn Peeples, Phillip McFadden, Paul Huelskamp, Thomas Elliott, Phil Mote, Harry Busse III, John Herndon, Jose Lopez, Jodi Minneman, Matthew Gearhardt, Anthony Kendell, Tony Trapp, Stephanie Neuroth and Lenee Brosh.

Results unchanged with additional 976 votes

By Melanie Yingst

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