Borchers named board president


By Sam Wildow

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TROY — On Monday, new members Levi Fox and Theresa Packard were sworn in to the Troy Board of Education. Returning board member Sue Borchers also took her oath of office.

Sue Borchers was appointed the president of the board after being nominated by Michael Ham. Ham was also appointed the vice president of the board after being nominated by Borchers. The vote by the board was unanimous in favor of both nominations.

The board also held a moment of silence in recognition of Ellen Shiptenko of Westerville, who passed away Dec. 18, 2021 at the age of 82.

“Mrs. Shiptenko was a French teacher for 25 years at Troy High School,” Borchers said.

Next, the board held a commendation for Macie Taylor for breaking the girls’ basketball scoring record of 1,129 points set by Julia Reel in 1991.

“She is only the second female basketball player and sixth player overall to surpass the 1,000 points scoring mark,” Borchers said. “Congratulations, Macie.”

Taylor plans to play basketball at Wright State University.

The board then commended Jake Johnston for being the 2022 District Spelling Bee Champion.

“We had a bunch of fantastic kids and champions,” said Dr. Michael Moore, director of curriculum and assistant superintendent, about the city-wide spelling bee.

The board also approved utilizing the alternate tax budget method allowed by the Miami County Auditor’s Office.

The board then approved new and revised policies, which will become effective Jan. 13. Superintendent Chris Piper went over these policy changes for the district during the board’s previous meeting in December. Many of the updates were minor changes mandated by state law, some of which the district was already doing prior to the policies becoming state requirements, such as offering electronic enrollment. Other changes include requiring the district to provide transportation for students attending non-public schools, even on days the district is not open. Changes also allow for more non-routine use of school buses.

The district also has to implement a school safety threat assessment team and adopt evidence-based suicide awareness curriculum. The district also has to release a directory of students’ email addresses, if the email addresses are provided by the district, unless specifically asked by parents not to release the email addresses of their children. Piper said those types of directory releases would go to military recruiters and possibly other types of recruiters.

Minor language changes were made to policies on attendance, student hazing, bonding, etc.

Also on Monday, the board adopted the 2022-2023 school calendar.

No members of the public spoke during public comment.

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