Bowling Roundup


HUBER HEIGHTS — Bethel had two boys bowlers qualify for the D-II district tournament in sectional action at Roll House.

Brayden Crase rolled games of 218-256-195 for a 665 series to tie for fifth overall.

Also advancing was Austin Blake who bowled games of 179-168-169 for a 516 series.

Bethel finished 19th as a team with 3,037.

Also bowling for Bethel were Nicholas Kohls 157-142-152, Anmol Sainie 116-150-96, Elil Terrell with games of 108 and 112 and Cohen Cohen Kohorst with a 112 game.

Newton finished 21st with a 2,778 total.

Zurich Bess led Newton with 165-143-134 and Trevor Jess had 165-143-134.

Liam Woods bowled games of 156-120-153, Seth Euton rolled games of 139 and 131, Parker Crow bowled games of 124 and 114 and Ryan Woods added a 100 game.

In the girls D-II competition, Bethel’s Kyleigh Thornton and Newton’s Breanna McClish both advanced to district.

Thornton bowled games of 157-169-136 for a 462 series and McClish bowled 123-149-152 for a 424 series.

Newton finished 16th with a 2,464 total.

Peyton Schutz had games of 153-90-123 and Vivien Clark had games of 124-117-105.

Marissa Schleintz had games of 97 and 133, Harlee Adams rolled games of 111 and 94 and Gabby Schmackers added a 114 game.

Bethel finished 19th with a 2,313 total.

Allie Sheen bowled games of 117-124-135 for the Bees and Angel Lannon had games of 100 and 122.

Lily Whelan had games of 95 and 91 and Paige Kearns had games of 79 and 103.

Kendall Hochwalt bowled a 137, Ava Baab had a 92 game and Olivia Steinke-Ellis added an 86 game.

Troy 2,321,

Piqua 2,097

TROY — The Troy bowling team shared the MVL regular season title with Sidney after a win over Piqua Wednesday at Troy Bowl.

Troy finished the regular season 16-2 overall and 16-2 in the MVL, while Piqua closed the regular season 8-10 overall and 8-10 in the MVL.

In his final home match, Bryce Massingill led the Trojans with games of 214 and 268 for a 482 series.

Ryan Kaiser had games of 249 and 182 for a 431 series and Cooper Steiner bowled games of 226 and 171.

Cooper Gerlach bowled a 211, Kyle Wickman rolled a 200, Bryce Davis bowled a 142 and Tyler Hueker added a 138.

Troy had baker games of 161 and 159.

Dylan Jenkins led Piqua with games of 198 and 199 and Jayden Miller had games of 218 and 171.

Austyn Potter had games of 198 and 167, Daulton Funderburg rolled games of 249 and 99, Logan Comolli had a 139 game and Cleveland Neal added a 104 game.

Piqua had baker games of 178 and 177.

Vandalia-Butler 2,241,

Tippecanoe 1,976

HUBER HEIGHTS — At Roll House Monday, Tippecanoe boys bowling team closed the regular season at 9-14 overall and 6-12 in the MVL.

Conner Demange had games of 182 and 189 and Scott Lohnes added gaames of 136 and 200.

Hunter Herzog had duplicate 162 games, Brenden Blacketer rolled games of 145 and 162, Lukas Heitbrink had a 152 game and Hayden Sherwood added a 129 game.

Tipp had baker games of 172 and 185.


Troy 2,313,

Piqua 1,796

TROY — The Troy girls bowling team finished the regular season with a win at Troy Bowl Wednesday to share the MVL regular season title.

Troy finished 17-1 overall and 17-1 in the MVL and Piqua finished 10-8 overall and 10-8 in the MVL.

In her final home match, Kiandra Smith led Troy with games of 221 and 219 for a 440 series.

Baylie Massingill had games of 206 and 205 and Aiyana Godwin had games of 190 and 208.

Kirstin Sedam bowled games of 137 and 133, McKinlee Gambrell rolled a 223 and Libby Burghardt bowled a 174.

Troy had baker games of 196 and 201.

Adriana Emery led Piqua with duplicate games of 155.

Miranda Sweet bowled games of 140 and 160 and Kaylee Eleyet added games of 128 and 164.

Allison Hicks bowled games of 173 and 118, Audrianna Kendall rolled a 157 and Macy Hall bowled a 138.

Piqua had baker games of 176 and 132.

Vandalia-Butler 2,093,

Tippecanoe 1,695

HUBER HEIGHTS — The Tippecanoe girls bowling team closed the regular season at 13-10 overall and 10-8 in the MVL with a loss at Roll House Monday.

Alyssa Lundsford rolled games of 146 and 178 and Jocelyn Gold added games of 172 and 139.

Morgan Wolbers had games of 144 and 135 and Mary McCormick rolled games of 139 and 133.

Brynna Sears had a 123 game and Isabella Reynolds bowled a 117.

Tipp had baker games of 111 and 158.

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