Bowling Roundup


TROY — The Troy girls bowling team improved 12-2 overall and 5-2 in the MVL with a win over Stebbins Thursday.

Troy had a 2,167 total.

Kylie Schiml rolled games of 187 and 225 and Kayleigh McMullen had games of 167 and 225.

Kaylee Kalmar had games of 181 and 127 and Morgan Shilt had games of 147 and 157.

Kiandra Smith rolled a 243 game and Aiyana Godwin had a 181 game.

Troy rolled baker games of 188 and 159.

Tipp drops


TROY — The Tippecanoe bowling team dropped matches with Sidney Wednesday.

The boys lost 2,188-1,844.

Colin Maalouf just missed his second 300 game of the season in the opening game.

He started with 11 straight strikes, before getting six pins on his final ball for a 296 and he followed it with a 151 game.

Brenden Lupton had games of 154 and 156 and Cameron Hunt rolled games of 143 and 142.

Zach Clune rolled a 168 game, Dillen Swartz had a 122 game, Brenden Blacketer had a 112 and Noah Johnson rolled a 95.

Tipp had baker games of 170 and 135.

The Tipp girls lost 1,726-1,635.

Isabeall Janney had games of 167 and 161 to lead Tipp.

Emily Von Krosigk had games of 120 and 176 and Julian Arbister had games of 125 and 135.

Reganne Dilbone rolled games of 122 and 119, Pressly Combs added a 122 and Jocelyn Gold rolled a 100.

Tipp had baker games of 127 and 161.

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