Bradford seeks levy for new all-weather track


BRADFORD — Voters in Bradford will be asked to step up for the future of students at their school with a new 1.84-mill levy that will provide for a new all-weather running track to be built near the current high school.

Joe Hurst, superintendent for Bradford Local Schools, said the the levy would generate $1.7 million over the 20-year life of the levy and provide Bradford students and athletes with a running track, along with areas for events such as long jump, high jump, pole vault, etc. that is far safer than current facilities, located on the other side of State Route 721, nearly a 1/4 mile away from the schools.

The track will be a part of a larger project that will include a new football stadium, amenities such as rest room and concessions, along with a new multi-purpose building. Hurst said that everything, except the track, is “going to be funded through the general fund here at the school and through other funds such as financing and grants.”

While the new stadium will be located near the high school, parts of the current stadium, such as part of the bleachers, which will be re-used for visitors, with new home bleachers and press box for the hometown Railroaders.

Hurst pointed out that the economic impact to residents for the new levy will be softened greatly as a current 1.97-mill bond levy that was passed prior to building the new school, is set to expire. The new levy would replace it but is actually less expensive to property owners at 1.84 mills.

Bradford levy supporters point out that current low interest rates make this a perfect time to initiate such a project.

If passed, the new 1.84-mill levy would cost homeowners less than $.18 per day for a $100,000 dollar home.

When asked why does the school need to spend dollars on a new track, Hurst responded, “Any time we can improve the school, it improves land values and property values of our residents.” Hurst went on, “This is a way that we can attract more students to our school. We can keep our students safe and in an environment where they don’t have to travel somewhere else to practice.”

The superintendent pointed out that the track will be used not only by track athletes but also by physical education classes and other school activities.

Several Bradford students who were present at the current football stadium and track last week are excited for the possibility of having a new track facility. Four members of the Hudelson family were checking out the current crushed gravel track. The brothers and sisters, ages 8 to 13, all expressed hope that the levy will pass, allowing them to have a much-improved and much safer place to play and compete as they continue their educations.

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