Businesses headed to Piqua


PIQUA — The Piqua Planning Commission on Tuesday approved special uses for businesses that are headed to Piqua, including Wright-Patt Credit Union, a new crossfit gym, and the fly-fishing equipment manufacturing business SmithFly.

The Planning Commission first approved a special use request allowing drive-thru kiosks at 1284 E. Ash St., where a Wright-Patt Credit Union is expected to fill the space currently occupied by the China Garden Buffet.

One of the applicants for this special use request said they will be purchasing and closing on the property in June and Wright-Patt is expected to be the new tenant for the site. The improvements on the site would happen around September.

“It certainly will be a nice addition,” Community and Economic Development Director Chris Schmiesing said.

The Planning Commission also approved an indoor commercial recreation use located at the address 125 Bridge St., where a warehouse that is currently located at the site will be turned into a crossfit gym. According to the application, the gym will also house a sports training facility, physical therapy, massage therapy, and a smoothie bar.

City Planner Krysten French, in her staff report, described the crossfit gym as providing a “better buffer” in the area between the mix of industrial and residential land uses that is currently there.

Schmiesing said it is becoming “more and more difficult” to re-purpose sites like these warehouses, so the crossfit gym will “put it to good use.”

The Planning Commission then approved a custom manufacturing and retail space in the Central Business District located at the address 124 N. Main St., where SmithFly is looking to relocate. SmithFly designs and builds fly-fishing rafts and equipment, as well as inflatables. SmithFly is currently located 210 E. Water St. in Troy, is looking at purchasing and moving to a 10,000 square foot site located at the North Main Street location in Piqua, which is also located in Piqua’s Opportunity Zone.

“It’s right on the river,” SmithFly owner Ethan Smith said about the location.

Smith explained their plans for their new site in Piqua would have a space for a raft frame fabrication area; another area for packing, shipping, and receiving; and then a showroom and retail space in the front. He also spoke about potentially holding some outdoor market events.

“It’s a case study of what we want more of in the downtown,” Schmiesing said.

Wright-Patt, SmithFly expected to come to Piqua

By Sam Wildow

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