By Staff Reports


The Echo Hills Ladies League will again be held on Tuesday mornings this year.

All interested ladies are invited to attend an organizational spring meeting on Tuesday, April 27, at 6 p.m. at the Echo Hills Golf Course clubhouse.

All ladies are welcome to come join the fun.

Opening scramble

at Echo Hills

The opening night scramble for the Thursday Industrial League at Echo Hills was held.

Low gross with 28 was Team Motion Industries (Casey Lavey, Mike Lavey, Kyle Bachman, Colin Lavey).

Taking second with 29 was Team Jennings Construction (Ron Pearson, Jeff Jennings, Ryan Person, Derek Jennings).

Taking low net with 21.25 was Team Winsupply (Nate Schneider, Jim Williams, John Frazier and Andrew Haney).

Second low net was Team Atlantis Sportswear (Mckinley Decker, Dave Novotny, Kyle Reardon ,Duane Novotny).

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