Casstown venue refuses to host same-sex wedding


By Aimee Hancock

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CASSTOWN — The Light on the Hill, an event venue in Casstown, has drawn criticism after refusing to host a local couple’s same-sex wedding, citing religious reasons.

Piqua residents Reagan Bowen and Deandra Fair said they recently inquired about reserving the venue for their upcoming wedding, and at first, everything seemed fine.

“I saw a Facebook ad they had for their venue, so me and my girlfriend reached out because it was really pretty and the dates aligned right, so we messaged (owner Krystal Smith),” Bowen said. “She responded back and told us that we were a cute couple … and acted super interested like everything was going to be good to go.”

The next day, Bowen said, the couple messaged Smith again about reserving a specific date, but this time they received a message in return stating they would not be able to use the venue at all.

“She had messaged me saying, ‘I am sorry Reagan, because of our Christian beliefs, we do not believe in the same-sex marriage at our venue,’” Bowen said.

The Light on the Hill Venue, located at 2900 N. Rugged Hill Road in Casstown, is owned and operated by Krystal and Todd Smith.

Krystal Smith confirmed to Miami Valley Today that the venue does not host same-sex weddings, but said it is not because they have a “problem” with same-sex couples, but strictly due to the business’s Christian affiliation. Smith declined to comment further.

Bowen, who also identifies as a Christian, said the business’ decision is “disappointing and disheartening,” as well as “sad and humiliating.”

Bowen said she and Fair’s story has traveled far in a short period of time, with businesses and organizations around the country reaching out to show support.

“Hopefully some good can come out of this; hopefully it makes a little change,” she said.

Bowen expressed the importance of support from family.

“I honestly wouldn’t be able to carry on throughout this without their support,” she said.

Bowen said she and Fair have since booked another venue for their wedding, which is set for October of this year.

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