CBC gives back to Dayton Foodbank


DAYTON — Community Blood Center encouraged community members to donate blood during the busy Thanksgiving holiday period, and to support the Dayton Foodbank. CBC pledged a $1 donation to the Dayton Foodbank for every person who donated Nov. 21 through Dec. 3 at the Dayton Donation Center. On Dec. 14 CBC presented a $900 check to the Dayton Foodbank representing 900 donors.

“Today is a busy day!” said Foodbank Chief Development Officer Lee Lauren Truesdale as CBC’s Paige Miller presented the check in the Foodbank warehouse. Cars and trucks circled the Foodbank for the Wednesday food pick up and Lee estimated the Foodbank would help 400 people that day.

“Every dollar will provide five meals for a family in need,” said Truesdale. “We are in the business to serve other non-profits, over 100 in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties. This will be put directly into the work we do, helping purchase food and pick up donated food.”

The 900 donors represented by the CBC cash donation to the Foodbank helped CBC avoid blood shortages during the Thanksgiving holiday when the blood center was closed for Thanksgiving Day and held only two mobile blood drives during the holiday weekend. Donors and CBC staff also contributed non-perishable food items in Foodbank barrels at the Community Blood Center during the “Thank You for Giving” campaign.

The Dayton Foodbank is among 200 Foodbanks across the nation, including 12 in Ohio.

“We are doing what we can to give back to the community,” said Truesdale.

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