CCW permit protocol set during pandemic


MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office will continue issuing carrying concealed weapon permits (CCW) with some added precautions for the safety of staff and residents. The CCW permitting process continues by appointment only. The following protocols took effect beginning Wednesday, April 15:

• Screening questions will be asked relating to any symptoms to COVID-19 or any exposure with COVID-19 positive persons.

• Thermal temperature check will occur

• Request that all persons coming into the CCW office wear a cloth mask

• Have all registration paperwork completed prior to coming to the CCW office to limit contact time

If any of the screening questions are answered with a yes or a person has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher entry into the office will be denied. If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms, please wait until you are healthy to set an appointment. Background/web checks are continuing under the same protocol for essential occupations only at this time.

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