Changes in dispatch to result in faster response times


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

TROY – Changes are coming to the Miami County Communication Center which should result in citizens getting help from first responders more quickly.

The communication center has purchased the Purvis Fire Station Alerting (FSA) system which will “automate the dispatching of fire and EMS calls,” according to Jeff Busch, director of the communication center.

Calls are entered into the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system and upon entering the system the FSA system will receive the information. From that, it will “tone the appropriate response unit, translate the written information in the CAD card to voice, and dispatch the call,” said Busch.

The calls will be delivered electronically to the full-time departments to equipment in each station via a VPN, which will be “more immediate than the radio voiced calls,” said Busch.

This process should reduce the time for units to be dispatched which allows for the telecommunicators’ to utilize that time with other calls. It also means the citizens can get the help they need more quickly.

The FSA system had an initial purchase cost of $49,681.55 and will have an annual maintenance cost of $5,092.50.

The communication center has been testing the system and expects to be operational in two to three weeks.

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