Choose Troy schools in March


To the Editor:

In 2001, I began my teaching career, and I chose Troy. Since then I have taught, coached, and advised thousands of Trojans at Troy High School.

When I bought a house a few years later, I chose Troy. My wife, Andrea, began her teaching career at another district. She chose Troy and came to Troy High School in 2014.

Most importantly, as our children begin their education, we are choosing Troy. Our kids will go to Troy City Schools and will be part of the Troy High School classes of 2034 and 2035.

We chose to live in Troy, work at Troy City Schools, and send our kids to Troy City Schools because Troy is a great community, with great people, and great schools. This bond levy will allow Troy City Schools to continue the outstanding education they’ve provided for generations and to build on that success by meeting the needs of our current students and our future generations of Trojans.

We chose Troy. On March 17, I hope you will choose Troy and its future, and join us in voting “Yes!”

Onward Troy!

— Steve Becker


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