CO poisoning suspected in weekend incident


By Mike Ullery

[email protected]

PIQUA — Four victims were transported, two in serious condition, from a home after being exposed to apparent carbon monoxide (CO) gas on Saturday afternoon.

Piqua Fire Department medics were called to a home in the 6000 block of Troy-Sidney Road mid-afternoon on, March 4, where the residents were being overcome by the potentially deadly fumes.

Capt. Dustin Lacy said the residents had been using a gasoline-powered engine to pump water from the basement. The engine was located inside the basement.

The home was equipped with CO alarms but it is not known at this time what actually alerted residents to the danger.

The two most serious patients, both adults, had been downstairs, closer to the running engine, while two teenagers who were upstairs were transported with less serious symptoms. All were taken to Upper Valley Medical Center. There have been no updates on their conditions.

Lacy said, “They had levels on the meters, they had like 400 ppm and levels were double that in the basement. You’re talking death within an hour with those kind of levels.”

Piqua Fire officials emphasized the necessity of working CO and smoke alarms on every floor of your home. With the spring forward to daylight saving time approaching, Lacy said to remind everyone to change the batteries on smoke and CO detectors.

Lacy also wishes to remind residents of Piqua the Piqua Fire Department offers free smoke alarms to residents who need them. Residents who are unable to get out to pick up a detector, or are unable to install one, may call the Piqua Fire Department station house at 937-778-2013 and firefighters will come to your home/apartment and install the detectors for you.

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