Coalition shares candidates’ questionnaire


To the editor:

Voters want to know where candidates stand on “corporate power” and “money in politics,” two issues at the root of many social problems and obstacles to systemic change.

Move to Amend Miami County, Ohio surveyed candidates for congressional and state offices, asking them to state their positions on corporate power and money in politics. Specifically, we asked whether they would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that makes clear constitutional rights belong to natural persons only (not state-chartered entities such as corporations) and money spent to finance political campaigns is not protected speech and shall be regulated.

Move to Amend does not endorse or oppose any candidate running for political office. Candidate responses to our questionnaire are simply shared below for voters’ information.

Congressional District 8 Candidates

Warren Davidson (R): No response

Vanessa Enoch (D): Supports a constitutional amendment

Congressional District 15 Candidates

Mike Carey (R): No response

Gary Josephson (D): Does not support a constitutional amendment; prefers a legislative solution

Ohio State Senate District 5 Candidates

Stephen Huffman (R): No response

Nancy Kiehl (I) (write-in candidate): Supports a constitutional amendment

Ohio State House District 80 Candidates

Jena Powell (R): No response

Melissa VanDyke (I) (write-in candidate): Supports a constitutional amendment

For details on candidate responses, go to For information on Move to Amend and House Joint Resolution 48, the proposed We the People Amendment, which now has 94 cosponsors, visit If you’d like to request a guest speaker, contact your local Move to Amend affiliate at [email protected].

Deb Hogshead


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