Commissioner accept grant, authorize purchases


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

TROY – The Miami County Commissioners met to authorize several agreements on Thursday, March 24.

The first resolution was to acknowledge the grant award, the 2022 Primary Election Fund Grant, for the Miami County Board of Elections. The grant amount is $90,683, which can be utilized for administrative costs incurred from staff overtime, additional temporary staff, and voting machine programming in reference to the May 3 election. If there are any unused funds by Aug. 5, 2022, the funds must be returned to the Ohio Secretary of State.

The next resolution was to authorize Wagner Paving, Inc. for “multiple asphalt repairs, provide an asphalt overlay and paint new striping on William Morris Drive,” according to the Department of Operations and Facilities/Maintenance. Three of the five concrete basins will also be repaired. The cost of this project shall not exceed $41,332.

Then, the commissioners approved a resolution to authorize Stanley Steemer/Sevitts Enterprises to remove and install Aladdin Commercip Carpet Tiles in the Engineer’s Administrative building. Hard vinyl flooring will also be added into the break area. The cost of this project shall not exceed $15,685.44.

The next resolution was for the employment verification for Jessica Stiltner for their position as a full-time child support attorney for the Department of Job and Family Services for a pay rate of $27 per hour.

Then, the commissioners authorized a Memorandum of Understanding with Bethel Local Schools to acquire a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO). The deputy will be available 40-hours a week, and “will be specially trained to provide a safe and secure school environment for both faculty and staff […] and will serve as an educational resource and as a liaison between the District and the Sheriff,” according to the resolution. Bethel Local Schools will pay for nine months of the officer’s salary for a cost of $83,089.01 for the 2022 year, $85,581.68 for the 2023 year, and $88,074.35 for the 2024 year. This is the same Memorandum of Understanding between several school districts that utilize an SRO.

The next resolution was to accept the contract with Robertson Brain Health for “The Brain Project” for all county employees under the jurisdiction of the Miami County Commissioners. The cost of the contract is $114,750 to be paid from ARPA funds. The project has previously been used by the Sheriff’s Department, and Sheriff Dave Duchak stated, “It was a very helpful and informative program.”

Finally, the commissioners approved two board appointments. The first appointment was Kevin Cox on the Board of Rural Zoning Commission. The second appointment was Seth Dorman to the Miami County Planning Commission.

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