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To the Editor:

The following are but some of the traits and characteristics of a narcissistic personality:

One who promotes the greatness of self for all to see

Can admit no wrong A lack of empathy

Pretentious — Making unjustifiable or excessive claims

Pompous — Having or exhibiting self-importance and arrogance

Bombastic — Speech marked by high-flown pomposity or pretentiousness

I am sure most of us have seen recently some of these traits through words and actions from many of our elected government leaders. I implore you to cast your votes in the upcoming elections for the candidates that have your interest, the American people at heart and will do the right thing no matter the cost to their political careers. We the people, elect our political leaders to work for us and what’s best for our country, not for their reelection at all costs.

We all know there is something drastically wrong in the political arena, especially in Washington, D.C. Let us elect those candidates that still value integrity and possess the traits and characteristics of a good and decent human being as evident in their speech and actions.

Other words of food for thought to keep in mind when casting your votes:

Respectable — Decent or correct in character

Integrity — The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

Civility — Courteous, politeness

The following are excerpts from the Pulitzer Prize winning book “Profiles In Courage” by then Senator John F. Kennedy published in 1956. “Moral courage is great and admirable by itself; but it must be pointed out that it almost never appears except as part of that greater entity called character and is allied with the other traits which make up character: honesty, a firm sense of principle, candor, and resolution. Democracy-sound democracy-is not a cause, but an effect. Our national character will determine whether our legislators will be courageous or cowardly, and our politics good or bad. We hope that Americans will continue to exhibit principle, moderation, orderliness, and justice as abiding traits, with the courage to defend them when attacked. A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not likely to insist upon or reward that quality in its chosen leaders today — and in fact we have forgotten.

These words resonate just as loud today as they did in the 50’s and 60’s.

The citizens of this great nation hold the power to elect the best political leaders, those who possess the admirable and necessary traits and characteristics to lead this country back to respectability, civility, and kindness. Vote your conscience.

— Chuck Petty


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