Complaint about Pleasant Hill monument restoration


To the editor:

Pleasant Hill Residents.

As a USAF Veteran of pour Viet Nam War, I take a special interest in our National Soldiers Monument that has stood in our village as a tribute to our fallen soldiers and to those that are still lying in unknown graves in the country they served. Our current governing body our Mayor and Council hired suposedly a professional restoration crew to clean our 1895 National Civil War Soldiers Monument. It is obvious no Due Diligence was done before the restoration company was hired. It is clearly evident to a number of our local Veterans that our monument has been desicrated, and will take considerably large amounts of capital to have our National Civil War Soldiers Monument restored. I have filed a complaint with both our Mayor and our national Secretary of Interior to determine the cost of restoration and who is to be charged for this travesty of justice

Yours in faith to those who have Fallen.

Mark Bradley, Veteran USAF

Pleasant Hill

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