Concern over mayor’s downtown traffic design proclamation


To the editor:

Regarding the mayor’s recent proclamation of a safer traffic design downtown, a lot of the things that have been decided by the mayor’s office lately can be boiled down to: “why?”

OK, let’s make cars speed up approaching the square. Then lets force people to walk a block out of their way to “safely” cross the street at a very unsafe crossing.


And if this makes things safer as she claims, why only this intersection? She does understand that a “square” has four sides, right? Why not remove traffic lights and crossings at Water/Market, Main/Walnut or Market/Franklin?

Again… Why?

Let’s not even get into the discussion on the blocked sidewalk for over two years…that’s a shining example of failed policy for the textbooks.

So who does any of this help? Surely not the lawyers and visitors who are trying to get to courthouse plaza safely. And certainly not the spenders trying to leave their cash at our local restaurants and stores. And heck, downtown’s such an unfriendly place to try and get around lately that even her own husband moved his company out of the square!

And Oda has the nuts to try and claim some sort of victory here? Again…why?

Such a strange time around here. Can the adults be back in charge (except for Titterington?)

JT Szabo


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