Concord Twp. seek land appraisals


CONCORD TWP. — The Concord Township Trustees have requested two appraisal companies to review its property values at State Route 718.

According to trustee Don Pence, the companies are Cin-Day Appraisal of Dayton for $1,000 and Layne Real Estate for $1,250, both of which are commercial property appraisal companies.

Fiscal officer Pat Quillen voiced her opposition to the trustees who are considering possibly selling the properties. Quillen said the township currently receives $12,875 per year in rent of the building and farmland. The township pays approximately $1,700 in taxes. Quillen also noted the township has collected $120,575 in rent from the property since 2009 when the township moved to its current location on Horizon West Court.

“There has been no decision yet as to how much the land would bring, but it is certain that once the proceeds go into the General Fund, they will be spent and there will be no replenishment,” she said. Trustees met in executive session last month with Tony Kendell and Chris Englert from the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office on the legalities of selling property. Quillen said she wasn’t part of those discussions, but has come to understand the sale of property doesn’t have to be by sealed bid or auction.

“There is a widespread mistrust of government and ‘sweetheart deals’ or ‘back-door deals’ have certainly contributed to that. It gives the public the impression that there is not a level playing field or equal access,” she said. “I am certain that a sealed bid or auction would bring a higher price as it shines a bright light on the actions of the board.”

Quillen also noted the township has lost revenue from the elimination of estate taxes and local government funds continue to dwindle from an average of $58,000 until it was cut in 2012 and now the township received $8,143 in 2019.

Quillen said she didn’t think it was a proper time to sell and believes the value of the land may increase if the Troy City Schools bond issue passes and a new school is built across the street.

“I certainly don’t think it will be worth less than it is now. In the meantime, the township could continue to rent the building and farmland and wait and not lose a penny,” she said. “If the board decides to sell one or more of the three properties, there is no down side to putting them out for a competitive bidding process. There is no up side to selling them to the first person who came along to make an offer.”

She provided copies of her statement to trustee Pence and trustee Neil Rhoades. Trustee Tom Mercer was not present for the meeting.

In other news:

• Miami County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Todd Tennant said he will seek out the county engineer’s office to possibly place a 35-miles per hour sign on Peters Road closer to the Archer Drive intersection. Tennant said he was doing traffic control in the area and the majority of vehicles were driving 40 miles per hour and he observed the first 35 mph sign isn’t until past Maple Road. Trustees thanked him for his service.

• Road superintendent Brandt Miller reported the township assisted the city of Troy with tornado clean-up by hauling 10 loads for the city. The city provided gasoline for their assistance. Miller also said the township hauled 97 Christmas trees for residents this winter. Miller said he and staff have been busy with winter maintenance on vehicles and filling “a lot of potholes” around the township in the last month.

• The next township meeting will be at 10 a.m. March 12 at the township facility on Horizon Court West.

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By Melanie Yingst

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