Continue the legacy of excellence with schools


To the Editor:

Our children have been very blessed to graduate from an excellent Troy City Schools system. It has set them up to be successful at the college level and they will have great futures based upon that education they received. We strongly support the voting of yes for the Troy City Schools bond issue for the new elementary buildings.

This is a new plan for tjree neighborhood K-4 buildings and one new fifth and sixth grade building. The board and administration have done a great job listening to the community to provide a plan that has had tremendous input from us, the taxpayers.

These new buildings will be handicapped accessible, provide the latest technology to teach our kids, the most up-to-date security systems for protection and be in our neighborhoods! This community has been made up of people who have done great things for generations. It is now our turn to continue the greatness that goes on in Troy, Ohio. Even though our children will not be able to enjoy these new buildings, it will make our community better.

If it is good for the community, it is good for us. It is now our turn to continue that legacy of excellence in Troy and continue to make this the great place to live, work, play and educate. Vote Yes for the Troy City Schools Bond Issue.

— Scott and Diana Myers


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