Council to review city/schools land agreement


TROY — Troy City Council will review the ordinance relating to the conveyance of park property to the Troy City Schools at its meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday.

The Troy City Council Parks and Recreation Committee met to discuss the agreement with city to transfer Hook Park and Campbell Park located at Cookson and Hook schools to Troy City Schools as well as enter into an agreement to form an evaluation team to plan for future use of former school sites — all contingent on the school’s bond issue passing on March 17.

Kyle, Van Cleve and Heywood are the three properties the city is interested in seeking redevelopment opportunities using a development team. If Kyle and Heywood fail to generate interest in redevelopment by 2023, those sites would be transferred to the park board. If the Van Cleve site fails to generate redevelopment interest, the land would be transferred to the city of Troy for further redevelopment consideration after the 2023 deadline.

Forest Elementary and Concord Elementary are not part of the agreement.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said development team will also be guided by the city’s Riverfront Corridor Study with regards to Kyle and Van Cleve properties.

Last week, Titterington said, “Van Cleve is a key part of our downtown riverfront corridor strategy, as it is across the street from the river. It’s a property that can have some serious development potential. The Park Board keyed in on the other two properties due to their location and said they want some assurance that if there’s no other use for them, they would become park land in 2023.”

He also said any of the properties identified could ultimately be converted to park space in the absence of any other redevelopment. Or, green space could be part of any other redevelopment on a property.

At Hook and Cookson, the city’s parks would lose four ball fields and 8 acres. The schools are replacing that loss with six ball fields at Hook, Cookson and among the new elementary properties. If redevelopment fails to generate interest by 2023, the land vacated at Van Cleve and transferred to the city, and Kyle and Heywood sites would transfer to the park board.

Following a 90-minute executive session, the city of Troy’s Park Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Troy City Schools. Chairman of the park board Al Kappers voted against the memorandum with Susan Westfall and Jordan Emerick voting for it.

Council also has two issues requiring public hearings on the agenda.

The first hearing is for an ordinance to amend the general plan for Halifax Villas Planned Development. The developer, Frank Harlow, is requesting to add 10-feet of additional utility easements along certain roadways in the Villas of Halifax patio home subdivision.

The second is a resolution for an agricultural district application for 25.15 acres on Lytle Road by Scherre Mumpower.

The following resolutions are on the agenda:

R-13-2020 Authorize bidding of 2020 Paving Program at a cost not to exceed $1,025,000. First Reading. The program includes 21 streets (14.36 miles) and a section of the recreation trail along Miami Shores golf course.

R-14-2020 Accept One Ohio Memorandum of Understanding regarding opioid litigation. Emergency designation was requested and will have first reading. Governor Mike DeWine and the attorney general urged local government to agree to the MOU to ensure local government will benefit from settlement funds from pending litigation against opioid manufacturers. The city is a party in the law suit and 30 percent of the funds will go directly to local governments, 55 percent to a foundation for distribution by a board and 15 percent to the Attorney General to cover costs related to opioid abatement efforts.

R-15-2020 Consent for ODOT to Resurface Southbound Ramp from State Route 41 to I-75. Emergency designation was requested and will have its first reading.

The following ordinances are on the agenda:

O-9-2020 Amend Salary Ordinance to add Lead Operator position in Street Division for $32.65 per hour. A review of duties of the department indicate a need of an additional supervisory level position. First Reading.

O-10-2020 Amend Salary Ordinance to add Management Analyst I position in Development Office. With the recent appointment of a new development director, the office seeks to replace the assistance development director with the management analyst position. Duties include community development block grant projects and other grants. First Reading.

O-11-2020 Petition to County to annex to the city 2.446 acres of city property near Miami Shores. The land is located where the new driving range is located. First reading.

O-12-2020 Treasure Island Use Agreement for the sale of alcohol at a concert on Aug. 1, 2020. First Reading.

O-13-2020 Declare surplus/authorize sale of approximately 1/10 acre of Archer Park. The land is located in the rear of 636 Shaftsbury Road. The homeowner encroached upon the park land by placing a concrete basketball court on the land. 1st Reading. Chairman of the park and recreation committee Jeff Schilling filed a minority report and stated he does not believe the encroachment on the city property should be handled by selling the piece of land.

Fair market value will be established, plus the cost associated with the preparation of a survey, legal description, plat and advertising. The sale is open to the public.

O-15-2020 Accept Easements related to the State Route 41 Interconnect Project Phase 2. First Reading.

O-16-2020 Accept Utility Easement at 1262 Peters Road for the Heritage at the Troy Country Club development. Emergency designation was requested and will have its first reading.

O-17-2020 Vacate utility easements on two lots on Creekwood Drive. Emergency designation was requested and will have its first reading.

By Melanie Yingst

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