County improves to Level 2 Public Emergency


By Aimee Hancock

[email protected]

TROY — For the first time since the fall of 2020, Miami County has moved from a Level 3 Public Emergency, with reference to COVID-19, to a Level 2, according to Emergency Management Agency Director Joel Smith.

Miami County was initially moved from Level 2 to Level 3 in November of last year. The Level 2 Public Emergency indicates increased exposure and spread of COVID-19, as opposed to “very high” exposure and spread within a Level 3 emergency. During a Level 2 emergency, residents are encouraged to exercise a high degree of caution while participating in their regular activities.

During his weekly update at Thursday’s meeting of Miami County Commissioners, Smith said this move between levels is mainly due to the continued decrease in new cases per capita, which measures the number of new cases per 100,000 residents within a two-week period.

Two weeks ago, Miami County’s cases per capita were at 120.58. The following week, this number dropped to 83.19, with cases per capita down to 64.49 as of Thursday.

Also during Thursday’s commission meeting:

• Commissioners authorized an agreement with Darke County Recovery Services doing business as Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio (RWC) for the purpose of providing mental health assessment and liaison services on behalf of the municipal court-referred clients. The cost is $250 for each client identified and referred by the court. Consultative services will be billed separately and are not to exceed two hours per client at $180. According to Municipal Court Administrator Tony Blakely, the court usually refers around 45-50 clients for these services per year.

• A zoning application hearing date is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25, at 9:10 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room to hear two requests for change in zoning.

• Commissioners authorized the state purchase of one new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab 4×4 pickup truck, at the request of the Sanitary Engineering Department, from Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora LLC, at a total cost not to exceed $24,866.20.

• Commissioners authorized Lostcreek Lawn and Fence Co. to perform lawn maintenance services at the Miami County Department of Job and Family Services for the 2021 mowing season. The vendor will provide services under a one-year contract with two additional one-year contracts based upon satisfactory completion. Costs are not to exceed $3,115 per season.

• Commissioners authorized employee verification for the following newly hired employees: Kimberly McGuirk, Children Services administrator for JFS, at a pay rate of $34 per hour; Megan Kendall, kennel cleaner at the animal shelter, at a pay rate of $14.88 per hour; and Rebecca Mason, kennel cleaner at the animal shelter, at a pay rate of $14.88 per hour.

• Commissioners signed an employment requisition for the recently-opened position of full-time eligibility referral specialist at JFS, for a pay rate of $15.52 to $23.96 depending on qualifications.

• Commissioners authorized an agreement for professional services with Gary Huff of Paddle Creek Consulting in Piqua, who will provide professional services and guidance on performing certain services necessary for an administrator executive search and related services for the county. Said company is an independent contractor and is not to be considered an agent or employee of the county. The cost is not to exceed $13,500.

• Commissioners held an executive session to discuss compensation of a public employee or official, followed by another executive session to discuss personnel/employment.

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