County seeks new animal shelter manager


By Aimee Hancock

[email protected]

TROY — The Miami County Animal Shelter is seeking a new shelter manager following the scheduled resignation of Morgan Howard.

Howard, who has served as shelter manager since 2019, will leave her position on April 23, 2021. The Board of Miami County Commissioners approved her resignation request during its regular session Tuesday morning.

The open full-time position will soon appear on the county’s website. The pay range is $17.96 to $27.73, dependent on the applicant’s qualifications.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting:

• Following an executive session, commissioners voted to terminate the employment of Human Resources Coordinator Teresa Gross due to alleged misconduct involving Gross sending documents containing confidential information from her county email address to her personal email address. Miami Valley Today will publish a follow-up story regarding the details of the termination pending the release of finalized documentation from the Commissioners Office.

• Commissioners authorized the purchase and replacement of a chiller at the West Central Juvenile Detention Center from Waibel Energy Systems of Vandalia. The scope of the HVAC repair work includes replacing one failed compressor at WCJDC, including labor and materials, installation of a new compressor, and recharge circuit with existing refrigerant. The total cost is not to exceed $10,067. There is a five-year warranty on the components to be installed. Half of the price will be paid by WCJDC and half will be covered by the state.

• Commissioners authorized the repair of the fire sprinkler system at West Central Juvenile Detention/Rehabilitation Center by changing out the 4-inch and 3-inch bulk main on the dry system, approximately 230 feet in total of schedule 10 black pipe, with fittings, as requested by WCJD/RC. Approval was given to further add labor, materials, and equipment necessary to change out the existing 4-inch dry pipe valve. Existing accelerator and switches will remain. Total cost not to exceed $15,503. A one-year warranty is included. Half of the cost will be paid by WCJDC/RC and half will be covered by the state.

• Commissioners authorized the release of $155,981 from the escrow agreement with Stony Brook Estates LLC for the construction of Stony Brook Estates subdivision section 3. This release is a partial reduction of the referenced escrow agreement and does not constitute final acceptance of the constructed facilities or cancellation of the escrow agreement. Minster Bank will be notified to issue a warrant in the sum of $155,981 to Sturm Construction Inc. of Sidney, for the constructed facilities, leaving $452,276.38 in said escrow agreement for completion of the guaranteed improvements.

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