County, state and national resources


• Miami County Communication Center, 210 Marybill Drive, Troy; Emergency 911, Non-Emergency: 937-440-9911

The Miami County Communication Center is the primary answering point for all 911 calls and the sole dispatch agency for all police, fire, and emergency medical services in Miami County. Staffing is 17 full-time dispatchers, five supervisors, and a director. The dispatchers and supervisors are all certified through APCO and Emergency Medical Dispatchers with CPR certification.

• Animal Shelter, 1110 N. County Road 25A, Troy; 937-332-6919

Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays. Closed on Thursdays.

The Miami County Animal Shelter, a county operated agency, takes in stray and owner released (with proof of residency) dogs and cats in Miami County only, provides lost and found service, adopts out dogs and cats to new homes, sells dog licenses and enforces all state and county dog laws.

The shelter is dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Miami County; enforcing the Ohio Revised Code, leash, license, and dog cruelty laws in Miami County; finding permanent, caring homes for adoptable, homeless pets.

• Auditor’s Office, Miami County Safety Building, 201 W. Main St., Troy; 937-440-5925

The auditor is the county’s chief fiscal officer. It is his responsibility to account for the millions of dollars received each year by the county and to issue warrants (checks) in payment of all county obligations, including the distribution of tax dollars to the townships, villages, cities, school districts and library systems as well as other county agencies. The Auditor’s General Accounting Department is the watchdog over all county funds and maintains the official records of all receipts, disbursements and fund balances.

It is the auditor’s responsibility to serve as the paymaster for all c ounty employees.

The auditor also distributes motor vehicle license fees, gasoline taxes, estate taxes, fines and local government funds in addition to real estate, personal property and manufactured home taxes.

• Board of Elections, Miami County Courthouse, 215 W. Main St., Troy; 937-440-3900

The Board of Elections is responsible for ensuring fair, accurate, and timely elections at primary, general, and special elections. These responsibilities include the assurance that adequate supplies of ballots and absentee voter materials are available for elections and that provisions are made for candidates to declare their candidacy based on the time frame established by the Ohio Revised Code. The office also receives petitions for nominations, checks signatures and addresses for validity, and monitors campaign expenses to ensure compliance with the law.

Elections are administered in each county by a four-member board of elections which consists of two Republicans and two Democrats appointed by the Ohio Secretary of State at the recommendation of each county party. The board employs a director, who must be of the opposing political party of the chairman of the board of elections, and a deputy director, who must be of the political party of the chairman of the board.

• Children’s Services Board, 510 W. Water St., Suite 210, Troy; 937-335-4103

Investigation of concerns of abuse, neglect or dependency, information and referral, protective Supervision and adoption services. Many other community and voluntary services are offered.

• Courts, Safety Building, 210 W. Main St., Troy

Common Pleas — The Miami County Court of Common Pleas, General Division, has jurisdiction to decide felony criminal cases, civil cases where the amount in controversy exceeds $500, and domestic relations cases involving divorce, dissolution, and legal separation, occurring within Miami County.

Juvenile — Juvenile Court administers a variety of programs to serve court involved youth including the Miami County Juvenile Probation Department, West Central Juvenile Detention Center and West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.

Municipal Court — In order to protect individual rights and provide for due process of law, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the state of Ohio, the mission of the Miami County Municipal Court is to advance the fair and impartial administration of justice.

Probate — Probate Court is a division of the Court of Common Pleas and has jurisdiction over estates, guardian-ships, name changes, adoptions, civil commitments and marriage licenses.

Clerk of Courts — The Miami County Clerk of Courts is one of eight counties where the clerk maintains all official records of the Common Pleas Court, Municipal Court, and Auto Title. Duties include filing, docketing, indexing, and preserving all court pleadings, and collection of all revenue related to court costs, bonds, fines, and forfeitures. The clerk of courts has the authority to issue writs to carry out court orders including summons, subpoenas, and warrants to arrest.

• County Engineer, 2100 N. County Road 25-A, Troy; 937-440-5656

The county engineer’s office coordinates efforts with the Board of County Commissioners to carry out a variety of duties outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, including:

Maintenance of county highways: They are responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the county highway system, including paving, bridge repair/replacement, traffic control, safety improvement projects, mowing, edge line and center line paint striping, and snow removal. Staff maintain 423.37 miles of roadway, 8,804 signs, 342 bridges, and 2,693 culverts, and provide engineering assistance to our 12 county townships, whose workforce’s maintain 268 miles of roadway.

Drainage: The office is responsible for roadside drainage, as well as maintenance of certain agricultural drainage infrastructure. This infrastructure includes 11.95 miles of open ditches, 6.74 miles of underground tile, and 0.42 miles of grass waterways.

Mapping: The Tax Map Department is responsible for creating, updating and organizing the tax maps for Miami County, as well as the creation of a current, accurate map of the County as a whole. The Department maintains 13,200 survey plats, 4,019 record plats, 2,873 tax maps, 745 aerial photos, and numerous other maps and atlases.

Engineering/surveying: Staff are responsible for the engineering and surveying associated with the design, coordination and inspection of county road and bridge-related construction projects, the review of proposed site development plans, and the processing of permits for work undertaken in the road right-of-way.

• Board of County Commissioners, Safety Building, 210 W. Main St., Troy; 937-440-5910

The general responsibilities of the board are centered in the areas of financial management, management of county facilities, and personnel administration. The board exercises its statutory powers in budgeting, appropriating monies, levying taxes, issuing bonds and notes, and letting contracts for public works and services, among other responsibilities.

• Department of Development, 510 W. Water St., Suite 120, Troy; 937-440-8121

The Miami County Department of Development is here to help county residents access resources to expand their business, grow in the community, and navigate the required processes for development. The department includes:

• Building Regulations

• Community Development

• Economic Development

• Planning and Zoning .

• Emergency Management Agency, 510 W. Water St., Troy; 937-440-5460

The Miami County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is a support agency that is authorized by Ohio Revised Code to coordinate and administer countywide all-hazards emergency management and disaster preparedness functions for Miami County and its political subdivisions.

Through the EMA, disaster preparedness and public safety related emergency management activities are coordinated to serve and protect the public.

• Job & Family Services, 2040 N. County Road 25-A, Troy; 937-440-3471

The Miami County Department of Job & Family Services offers the following services such as: temporary cash assistance, supplemental nutritional assistance program, and Medicaid, subsidized child care, adult protection services, disability assistance and prevention, retention, and contingency services. The Child Support Division establishes paternity, enforces support orders, and collects and disburses child support in order to ensure children receive the financial and medical support they deserve.

• Miami Metropolitan Housing Authority (MMHA) 1695 Troy-Sidney Road, Troy; 937-335-7921, Income based rental assistance.

• Miami County Community Action Council (CAC) 1695 Troy-Sidney Road, Troy; 937-335-7921. HEAP/PIPP/intake and referral.

• Miami County Public Health, 510 W. Water St., Troy; 937-573-3500

The Miami County Public Health team works to prevent illness, promote health, and protect those who live, work, and visit the community.

• Operations & Facilities, 209 W. Water St., Troy; 937-440-5998

The Miami County Operations & Facilities Department oversees the Miami County Board of Commissioner’s facilities, properties, utility and energy needs, fleet operations, risk programs and safety services. The department manages 16 buildings comprising approximately 600,000 square feet and various other non-occupied structures.

The department is dedicated to providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment for the visiting public and county personnel.

• Prosecutor, 201 W. Main St., Second Floor, Troy; 937-440-5960

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for:

• Prosecuting all adult criminal cases at the felony level

• Prosecuting all juvenile felony, misdemeanor, and traffic cases

• Serving as legal counsel for the Miami County Children’s Services Board and prosecuting cases of child dependency, abuse, and neglect

• Enforcing the collection of delinquent real estate taxes in Miami County

• Representing all Miami County Government Offices, all Township Offices, Public School Boards, and Public Libraries in legal matters. The Prosecutor’s Office also houses the Victim Witness Advocate Program

• Municipal Court matters are handled by a separate Prosecutor’s Office.

For adult misdemeanor or traffic matters, contact the Municipal Court Prosecutor at 937-440-3928.

• Sheriff’s Office, 201 W. Main St., Troy; Administration/Records 937-440-6085

The Miami County Sheriff has many responsibilities and in order to fulfill these responsibilities employs a wide range of personnel. The current staff at the sheriff’s office numbers approximately 115 and is divided into three main divisions. The divisions consist of deputy sheriffs, corrections officers, and records division personnel.

By law, the sheriff is in charge of the county jail and all persons confined therein. In Miami County, there are two jails. The primary jail is downtown at the Miami County Safety Building and is currently certified to house a maximum of 48 prisoners. The second jail (Miami County Incarceration Facility) is north of Troy and has the ability to house a maximum of 240 prisoners when fully funded and staffed. The Incarceration facility was reopened in July 2013 after being closed for 3 1/2 years due to budget constraints. Funding was approved to open three of four pods for a maximum of 120 minimum security male inmates and 60 minimum security female inmates.

The sheriff also helps maintain a secure court system by providing courtroom security. Section 311.07 of the Ohio Revised Code places the responsibility of the courtroom upon the sheriff, under the direction and control of the board of county commissioners.

The sheriff is also responsible for the service or “delivery” of legal documents in Miami County. This includes summonses, subpoenas, and lawsuits. The Sheriff also serves evictions, repossessions, and seizes and sells property as ordered by the court.

The sheriff’s office also transports hundreds of prisoners each year. Deliveries are made to and from state institutions, holding facilities, courts, medical and mental health facilities, and extraditions are made from other states.

The patrol division has the responsibility to provide law enforcement services. Deputies handle calls and patrol the unincorporated areas. They also provide the primary law enforcement duties through agreements and contacts to the village of Bradford, village of Pleasant Hill, village of Laura, village of Fletcher, village of Casstown, Bethel Township, and the Miami County Park District. Deputies can also be called upon to assist other sheriffs in other counties during emergencies.

• Treasurer, 201 W. Main St., Troy; 937-440-6045

The county treasurer is elected to a four-year term and serves as Miami County’s Chief Investment Officer, which includes being the banker, tax collector, and safe keeper of all public funds. Office of the Treasurer duties include but are not limited to:

• Receiving and investing all monies collected by other county departments

• Providing the best return on investment in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code

• Serving as the cash manager and leader in fiscal management and accountability

• Billing and collection of real estate property tax on a semi annual basis.

• Veterans’ Services, 510 W. Water St., Troy; 937-440-8126

Office offers the preparation of VA forms, documentation of claims and pertinent data, proper submission of VA claims, follow-up on claims, transportation to VA medical centers, electronic selective service registration and more.

Elected officials:

• Miami County Commissioners: Ted Mercer, Greg Simmons and Wade Westfall, 201 W. Main St., Troy, OH 45373 440-5910; [email protected]

• Piqua Mayor Cindy Pearson, Ward 2, 201 W. Water St., Piqua, OH 45356, 937-778-9017, email: [email protected].

• Troy Mayor Robin Oda, 100 S. Market St., Troy, OH 45373, 937-335-1725, email: [email protected]

• Tipp City Mayor Mike McFarland, 260 S. Garber Drive, Tipp City, OH 45371, email: [email protected]

• Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, 201 W. Main St., Troy, Ohio 45373; 937-440-6085, Fax: 937-440-3524

• Mike DeWine, Ohio Governor, Vern Riffe Center, 77 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43215, 614-644-0813, Fax: 614-466-9354.

• Jon Husted, Ohio Lieutenant Governor, Vern Riffe Center, 77 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43215, 614-644-0813, Fax: 614-466-9354.

• Frank LaRose, Secretary of State, 180 E. Broad St. 15th floor, Columbus, OH 53266-0418 877-767-6446, 614-466-2655.

• Congressman Warren Davidson, 8th District, U.S. House of Representatives, 20 Dotcom, Troy, OH 45373. 937-339-1524. [email protected].

• Steve Huffman, 5th District, Ohio Senate, First Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-466-6247.

• Jena Powell, 80th District, House of Representatives, The Riffe Center, 77 High St. 11th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, 614-466-8114, Fax: 614-719-3979.

• Keith Faber, State Auditor, 88 E. Broad St., 5th floor, Columbus, OH 43215, 800-282-0370 or 614-466-4514.

• Dave Yost, State Attorney General, 30 E.Broad St., Columbus, OH 43266, 614-466-4320.

• U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 202-224-2315.

• U.S. Sen. JD Vance, Senate Dirksen Building, B40, Suite C, Washington, D.C. 20510, 202-224-3353

• U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, 338 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 202-224-3353.

• President Joe Biden, White House, Washington, D.C. 20500, 202-456-1111.

County resources:

• Troy

• Piqua

• Tipp City

• Covington

• West Milton

• Laura

• Pleasant Hill

• Miami County

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