COVID-19 figures offer hope


To the Editor:

I offer the following because I see this information no where else in the print or communication/TV media. To me these figures give me great hope that we are on the road to defeating COVID-19.

As of today (May 12) we have 25,250 reported COVID-19 cases in Ohio. Of those, sadly 1,436 have died. 0.05 percent have died. That means 99.95 percent of those reported have recovered.

Ohio has a population of 11.7 million.

We have 25,250 reported COVID-19 cases as listed above. That means 0.002 have contracted COVID-19. Therefore 99.988 percent of the folks in Ohio do not have COVID-19.

Please share what I see as positive numbers with others because they are not going to see these numbers in the newspaper or on TV.

— Larry Wilberding


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