COVID-19 suspected at SpringMeade


MIAMI COUNTY — In a statement provided by Premier Health officials Sunday morning, they confirmed three new cases of suspected COVID-19 at another one of their facilities, SpringMeade Health Center.

As of mid-afternoon Saturday, Miami County Public Health had informed Premier Health officals that there are three residents at the Springmeade Health Center who have begun experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and were tested on Sunday, according to the statement. One resident has been hospitalized, and these COVID-19 tests are pending.

Both Koester and Springmeade are owned by UVMC, along with Upper Valley Medical Center. Both skilled nursing facilities are operated by AdCare Health Systems.

“We have learned that an Upper Valley Medical Center employee who works at both facilities has tested positive for COVID-19. The appropriate families and staff have been notified, the statement said.

Patients who are “presumptive positive” for COVID-19 continue to be kept in isolation. These steps were taken in accordance with CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidelines to protect the health and safety of residents while respecting their rights.

Employees at both locations continue to take several precautions as they care for residents, including monitoring themselves for symptoms upon leaving and returning home, and upon arriving at and leaving the skilled nursing facility. They are also wearing masks and other personal protective equipment while caring for residents, according to Premier Health officials.

“These positive cases are not unexpected given that public health officials have anticipated that the virus will spread through community contact in our region, state, and nation,” the release continues.

“We have asked our clinical teams to continue to follow all protocols concerning personal protective equipment (PPE). If such precautions are followed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates there will not be a need to place limits on work and require isolation.

“Our clinical and support teams have trained extensively for this eventuality and are well-prepared to treat patients with COVID-19 while ensuring the safety of our patients and staff. Our thoughts and prayers go out not only to them, but also to the residents of Koester Pavilion and Springmeade, as well as to the families of those who are mourning the loss of loved ones,” the release concludes.

On Saturday afternoon, Miami County Public Health issued an update on the COVID-19 outbreak at Koester Pavilion, including information regarding a second Koester resident who has passed away.

The update is as follows:

There are now 12 presumptive positive COVID-19 cases in Miami County awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control.

Total number of individuals at Koester with symptoms:

• Residents: 16

• Staff: 24

• Visitors: 2

Of those who have been tested, there are now 12 presumptive positives with the remaining tests still pending. Currently, there are five individuals from Koester still hospitalized.

There have now been two Koester Pavilion residents who have died. At this time, COVID-19 tests results are still pending for these two individuals, therefore it cannot be confirmed that COVID-19 was the cause of death.
Three residents showing signs; UVMC employee positive

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