Covington FFA participates in public speaking contest


For the Miami Valley Today

COVINGTON — The Covington FFA participated in the Bloom Carroll FFA “Drop the Mic” Public Speaking Invitational on Jan. 24.

The Covington FFA had four members compete in the virtual public speaking contest. The four members included Lainee McMacken, Mic Barhorst, Kori Moore, and Kara Stephan.

Members Kori Moore and Kara Stephan participated in the Beginning Prepared category. For Beginning Prepared participants have to write and present a speech that is between five to seven minutes.

Covington had member Lainee McMacken participated in the Advanced Prepared. Advanced Prepared have to write and present a speech that is between six to eight minutes.

Member Mic Barhorst participated in an extemporaneous speech. Contestants draw three topics from a hat and select one, then they write a four-six minute speech in thirty minutes.

Finalists advanced to an in-person contest on Jan. 29. Lainee McMaken, Kori Moore and Mic Barhorst were named finalists for the contest. At the in person finals the students received laser etched cups. Lainee McMacken placed sixth overall in Advanced Prepared Public Speaking. Kori Moore placed third overall in Beginning Prepared in Public Speaking and won a $20 gift card. Mic Barhorst placed third overall In Extemporaneous Public Speaking and won a $20 gift card.

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