Covington hosts 30th Fort Rowdy Days


COVINGTON – This Labor Day weekend Covington Community Park was the location of the village of Covington’s 30th annual Fort Rowdy Days festival.

The weekend-long event began with opening ceremonies involving presentations introducing the event, vendors and food. A bagpipe player performed a rendition of “America the Beautiful,” which many audience members including children enjoyed. Following this, two boy scouts raised the flag while the Covington High School Marching Band, directed by Jessica Moore, performed the National Anthem. Then, the cannon was shot off to mark the beginning of the festival.

The Fort Rowdy Days festival is composed of two main parts, the park side and the encampment side. According to a representative of the Fort Rowdy Organization, there were 80-100 camp sites registered. All camp sites had to be colonial style. Festival attendees could walk through and enjoy a look at the camps. Some campers also sold various pieces of woodwork, fabrics, and other homemade supplies.

The two parts are separated by the Stillwater River, but connected through a footbridge. The footbridge is a popular attraction at the festival.

Other craft vendors were set up on the park side of the festival. Musical entertainment included several bluegrass bands and local performers.

In the shelter at the park, a children’s drawing contests was set up and winners were voted on prior to the festival. Each first-place winner received a ribbon. Art pieces featured mountains, wolves, campsites, trees, bears and people working.

The encampment side of the festival hosted a variety of competitions for campers to enjoy. They also had games at various gathering places.

The festival has been happening for the past 30 years. It was started to represent the original fort in the area that served as a stopping point between the trading posts of Dayton and Greenville, according to a representative. A few founding members of the organization and festival were at the event.

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