Covington HS mascot returns after 6 years


COVINGTON — The Covington High School mascot has returned, back by popular demand, after a six-year absence.

“He’s already beloved,” Covington High School Principal Bridgit Kerber said. “The mascot has been really fun for our student community and our staff, and for our school culture.”

The new mascot was introduced on Friday, Dec. 9, during a home game pep rally.

“The cheerleaders did a blackout dance, and when we turned the lights on there was a mascot,” Kerber said.

The district has not had a mascot since 2016, due to a lack of students interested in participating. That changed this year, as students started requesting the mascot’s return.

“I had several students approach me at the beginning of the school year to put together a spirit committee,” Kerber said. “One of the things they asked was if it would be possible to get a new mascot costume.”

A new costume was purchased using funds provided by the Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022, Kerber said.

“We used funds from several graduated classes that were left over, in order to piece together the funding,” she said.

“With our previous costume, you could see the student’s face,” Kerber said. “With this one, the student will be anonymous.”

The district is currently seeking a name for the new mascot, and will ask the community for input during the naming process.

“We are working on a name now,” Kerber said. “We’re putting out a Google form to the community, and we’ll be voting soon.”

The mascot will be used during home and varsity games and other community events. The role is currently being filled by a freshman student; other students will also have the opportunity to participate in the future.

“He’s been doing a great job,” Kerber said.

“In the spring, there will be the opportunity for other students to participate,“ she said. “We’ll send out information about try-outs to the student body prior to each season.”

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