Covington receives funds for playground equipment


COVINGTON – The village of Covington announced a pledge of $108,000 from the Carl and Edith Felger memorial trust fund for the purchase of a playground in Schoolhouse Park.

The funds will be donated over a two-year period, with half in 2022 and half in 2023.

The Carl and Edith Felger memorial trust was created as part of the last will and testament of Edith M. Felger in 1996 and distributes funds to specific organizations as defined within the trust. Over the last 25 years, the trust has substantially supported the Covington Fire & Rescue Inc., the Covington Exempted Village Schools, and the village of Covington. These funds are distributed through the Covington Community Chest, who receives dedicated monies through the trust and disburses that funding throughout the year.

The trustees of the Covington Community Chest unanimously voted yes to donate funds from the Carl and Edith Felger memorial trust fund to offset the expense of the playground equipment at Schoolhouse Park. They stated that they believe that Judge and Mrs. Carl Felger would have been very pleased knowing their donation went toward Schoolhouse Park for the community to enjoy in years to come.

Schoolhouse Park, located in the heart of Covington, is the first new park within the village of Covington in over 100 years. The park will be completed in multiple phases, with phase 1 starting construction this year and the park opening to the public in 2023. In addition to the new playground, phase 1 will include a pavilion and restrooms, a splashpad, the Roy J. Weikert Amphitheater, food truck parking, and a large gathering space for events.

“We are so thankful to the Felger trust and to the Covington Community Chest trustees for their financial support of a playground within Schoolhouse Park,” said Village Administrator Kyle Hinkelman, in a press release. “This playground, which will be located directly next to the splashpad, will provide yet another amenity in Schoolhouse Park for children and families that is walkable to over 75% of our community.”

With the UVMC Parent Board donation in January, theland and water conservation fund grant award announced in March, the Miami County Foundation grant award, and the Roy J. Weikert trust support in May, and now the Felger trust pledge, the village has raised over $1,300,000 from grants and private donations towards the park construction to date and looks to continue applying for grants and fundraising in 2022/2023 to complete the remaining elements and phases of the park.

To make a donation to Schoolhouse Park or to get more information on the village of Covington’s Schoolhouse Park project, please go to the village of Covington’s website at or contact the village administrator directly at 937-473-3420.

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