Covington’s local shops


COVINGTON – Over a year ago, Marias Technology in Covington expanded by opening a new building in downtown along with a coffee shop and two clothing stores.

Marias Technology, Glacier View Coffee, Pacific Coast Surf Styles, and Elias & Oliver Boutique are all companies owned by the Orestod Holding Company, which is ran by the Haines Family in Covington.

Glacier View Coffee was created for the employees of Marias Technology.

“We wanted to do something for them, to give them somethings to get out of their chairs to go get,” said Chris Haines, one of the Haines Family members.

The Orestod Holding Company had created the store front for other businesses which couldn’t open due to the pandemic. “We decided to take a risk and open up the two clothing boutiques,” said Haines.

Employees of each company receive discounts at the other businesses to make one big connection.

“Marias Technology is the flagship of the entire organization and it’s really what’s driving the ship,” said Haines. “Our primary focus is to provide value to our customers. Marias Technology is the vehicle we use to take sale revenue from all over the country and inject it back into the town to, hopefully, do positive things.”

Glacier View Coffee sells hot and cold coffees and other drinks along with a variety of baked goods. Even though Haines isn’t a coffee-drinker, he enjoys their other drinks.

“My favorite is their huckleberry fizz. It reminds me of the family trips we take to Glacier National Park,” he said.

Pacific Coast Surf Styles and Elias & Oliver Boutique both sell surf-style or lake-style apparel. Pacific Coast Surf Styles caters to men and unisex clothing, while Elias & Oliver Boutique caters to women. The stores also sell jewelry, sunglasses, and footwear.

Glacier View Coffee has a “Tips for Charity” program where the company pays its employees what baristas typically earn in tips and any tips received go towards one charity a month.

Haines said, “I have this philosophy: if we’re going to be able to succeed, I’d like to take as many people with us as we can.”

The program allows for a monetary donation along with attracting attention to the organization. Requirements include the organization must be a 501 3(c) (non-profit) and in the Covington zip code. According to Haines, they’ve been able to give $10,000 to various organizations.

“We greatly appreciate the support of everything we do here. We do the best we can to make a positive impact here in Covington. We’re a Covington family, born and raised,” said Haines.

He also wanted to thank Boscoe’s Doggone Good Food for opening its doors in the complex.

“A restaurant on this complex was a key thing,” said Haines.

Haines went on to describe how “it goes much deeper than selling clothes or coffee to the public.”

He said, “It was important to us to provide a big enough space to be used for friends, businesses, and meetings.”

Haines also spoke about bringing someone to the area and being able to provide the opportunity to grab a coffee, some new clothes, and a meal.

“We’re very fortunate and thankful. We want to take it as far as we can go,” said Haines.

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