Davidson, Jordan advocating for patients


To the Editor:

For several months now, I have heard various horror stories about Surprise Medical Billing and the havoc this can wreck on families across our country. Surprise Medical Billing refers to the practice of insurance companies picking and choosing which services they deem “in-network” or “out-of-network.” These decisions are often completely arbitrary and hinged on one main theme: money. Sticking unknowing patients with bills for doctors, specialists, or services that they believed to be included in their network is simply not fair or ethical.

I am so glad to see that Congressmen Warren Davidson and Jim Jordan also advocating for patients and working to end this practice by corrupt insurance bureaucrats. In a recent letter from conservatives to Speaker Pelosi written last month, they warned of the great danger of giving the federal government even more power in arbitrating the costs that insurers would have to pay for out-of-network balances. Relying on independent dispute resolution who are third-party arbitrators, is the only fair way to protect patients, medical providers, and insurance companies.

Thank you to Congressman Davidson and Jordan for again seeing through the corporate greed and doing what is right for the average American.

— Mary Beth Kemmer


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