Deadline approaching for regional art contest


TIPP CITY — Tipp City Area Arts Council (TCAAC) has made key changes to its annual Student Art Contest (S.A.C).

For several years, Randall Residence of Tipp City has offered the perfect venue for the event. However, in compliance with current safety standards, S.A.C. chairwoman Gina Duncan said, they are unable to host the event this year.

This year, Lisa Santucci, director of the Tipp City Public Library, is partnering with TCAAC to host the exhibit as well as the reception for the student artists.

“Libraries are spaces that demonstrate the capability of supporting art in a community,” Santucci said. “The Tipp City Public Library wants to contribute to the awareness and appreciation of the arts and young creative minds. “

The S.A.C. committee revealed the theme earlier this spring to art teachers and administrators from Tipp City Schools and neighboring districts while they finalized the modified logistics. “Music: The Universal Language,” was initially chosen as last year’s theme.

For information on participating in the contest, visit [email protected].

“We appreciate how much the residents at Randall Residence enjoy the exhibit and did not want to disappoint them a second year,” Duncan said. As a result, the committee approached executive director, Connie Rozell, who welcomed an alternate approach. TCAAC will retain all award-winning art after the June 14 awards ceremony and relocate it to Randall Residence for the remainder of June.

“We are delighted that the arts council is allowing us to display the art,” Rozell said. “Our residents and families enjoy it, and many conversations begin in front of the art. We are disappointed that we cannot invite the public and host the awards ceremony this year but are grateful that our residents will continue to be a part of our local art community.”

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