Digital X-ray


Excellence in Dentistry, Inc.

 Have you ever wondered why you need x-rays at your dental appointment? Problem focused x-rays allow the dentist to help diagnose and treat many dental problems such as cavities, periodontal disease, abnormal pathology, and infections.  You should receive check-up x-rays at least once a year during one of your professional dental cleanings.

Excellence in Dentistry offers digital x-ray technology.  Digital x-rays are a form of x-ray imaging that uses digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional films.  Digital x-rays benefit patients by offering less radiation than traditional x-rays, immediate viewing, and better image quality to help accurately diagnose your concerns.

Digital x-ray imagining, along with Intraoral Camera (IOC) imaging, assists our doctors in educating patients on the findings in their mouth and offers a visual image to patients so that they can fully understand the doctors concerns.  Both types of imaging allow doctors to identify issues that the naked eye may not be able to see and offers a convenient, timely diagnosis for patients without the need for future appointments.

By utilizing both types of imaging, we are able to relay images faster to specialists for patient convenience and send images to insurance agencies to help patients maximize their claims.

The team at EID is committed to always providing our patients with the best, updated, state of the art technology, and we are always, Making a Difference, One Smile at a Time. Visit our website at or call our office at 937-335-4630 to schedule your next appointment today.

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