Dire need for new schools in Troy


To the Editor:

This letter is to show support for the upcoming levy to build new schools for Troy City Schools. As a member of the community, parent, and educator I see the dire need for our beautiful city to have new schools to bring us into the modern age of education.

As an educator, I have been blessed to be a part of two school districts that have built new schools within the last decade- Greenville and Piqua. While working in Greenville, I was part of the team that moved from our old and falling apart buildings into the new and modern K-8 building. The difference this new building made for our students was immediate. Students now were able to be in a climate controlled building, with up-to-date technology, brand new furniture, and a cohesive approach to education. As a member of the teaching staff in Piqua, I am again blessed to be in a new, state-of-the-art building that allows students to have a safe, comfortable, modern education.

With this new plan, Troy is able to continue to have neighborhood schools while providing a better learning environment for our students. Our students deserve better than what they have now. The new plan allows for modern technology to become part of the “norm” for our students as well as allowing for each school to be handicap accessible. We live in a society that is changing faster than anytime in history. With that being said our children deserve to be educated in a building that will be able to adjust to ever changing society that we live in.

As a parent with children attending Cookson, I know that this levy directly impacts their future education as well as that of the many others that will come after them. I am happy to show my support for this levy and will be voting Yes on March 17.

— Brittani Stuchell


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